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Q: How does the persistency bonus and withdrawal benefit rider work with commonwealth national life insurance company?
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Who purchased Commonwealth Life and accident Insurance company of Saint Louis Missouri?

I worked for Commonwealth from 1977 to 1980, and I was wondering if they were still around. They were owned by American National out of Galveston, TX. I found out just today that Commonwealth was merged into Americam National in 1994.

What is the address of the Great Commonwealth Life Insurance Company?

Commonwealth Life Insurance Company's name was changed to Kentucky Commonwealth Life Insurance Company. In 1998-99 it was acquired by MONUMENTAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 4333 Edgewood Road NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52499 (319) 355-8511 (800) 638-3080 Fax (319) 355-2210

Which insurance company took over first national life insurance company new Orleans la?

That company was a division of Commonwealth Life Insurance Company (CLIC) in Louisville, KY (according to the policy document I have). CLIC's name was subsequently changed to Kentucky Commonwealth Life Insurance Company. Then, in in 1998-99 it was acquired by MONUMENTAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. See What_is_the_address_for_Commonwealth_Life_Insurance_in_Louisville_Kentucky

Locate old cancer insurance policy for an old company called commonwealth national life insurance company in Mississippi?

I took out a cancer policy back on Dec 12, 1989, with Commonwealth National Life Insurance Co.--Group Name was Government Employees Nation Wide- Money was taken out of my paycheck (Post Office) bi weekly. Policy Number 4-9658429-3. How can I run this down. Becky Russell (USPS)

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