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Praying mantises see through a pair of large, compound eyes. They can turn their heads 180 degrees to veiw what is happening behind them. Since their eyes are too close together, they don't have very keen depth-perception from a stand-still perspective, so they often wave their heads back and forth in a side-to-side motion in order to measure percisely how close or far away an object is, much like a cat does when it's about to pounce.

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How far can a praying mantis see?

35a praying mantis can see

Where can you see an image of the cacoon of a praying mantis?

on the internet Go to praying mantis, there are several links there that will help you.

What is a phylum of a praying mantis?

The phylum of a praying mantis is Arthropoda. The kingdom of the praying mantis is the Animalia. The class of a praying mantis is insecta.

Do praying mantis see and hear?


Does a praying mantis have eyelids?

no praying mantis do not have eyelids

Are praying mantis venomous?

No, Praying Mantis are not venomous.

What is a praying mantis body?

it is a praying mantis body

Can a praying mantis kill a bird?

Any large insect eating bird will eat a praying mantis, but yes, the praying mantis is able to catch and eat a humming bird. See the video at the link below.

Can you eat a praying mantis?

No, you can't eat a praying mantis.

What are praying mantis eaten by?

Praying mantis are eaten by birds.

Are Praying Mantis mentioned in the Bible?

are praying mantis in the bible

Are praying mantis insects or amphibians?

Praying mantis' are insects.

What does a praying mantis eats?

When two praying mantis' fight, the loser always gets eaten by the winner. The praying mantis is a cannibal.

What praying mantis species can fly?

Most species of mantis can fly, including the praying mantis.

What is the name of a female praying mantis?

same name as the male praying mantis: Mantis religiosa

What does a praying mantis on the windowsill mean?

It means that you have a praying mantis on your windowsill.

Can a Praying Mantis blind a human?

No a Praying Mantis is harmless to a human.

The female praying mantis is famous for eating What?

Male praying mantis

Will a chicken eat a praying mantis?

Yes it would it a praying mantis.

Do praying mantis live alone?

praying mantis live alone

What type of minibeast is a praying mantis?

A praying mantis is a carnivorous insect.

What is the average weight of a praying mantis?

height and weight of a praying mantis

How many arms does a praying mantis have?

the praying mantis has ghwrjh4thy42 arms

Praying mantis food?

A praying mantis loves to eat grasshoppers.

How do praying mantis' see?

maybe with they're eyes?

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