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Q: How does the presence of starch show photosynthesis has taken place?
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How do you know photosynthesis has taken place?

If you put Hydrilla plant in a beaker having pond water and an inverted test tube filled with water inserting the twig of hydrilla, and keep it in sunlight; the air bubbles start comimng out and stored in the test tube. The liberated gas is tested as oxygen. This means the hydrilla plant is photosynthesizing. Another experiment is done by testing the presence of starch in a plant by iodine test.

What would you need if I am doing a science project about putting one plant in the dark inside and one plant outside in the light?

The project is on necessity of light for photosynthesis. Therefore, iodine solution is needd to test the formation of starch in the plant kept in light by photosynthesis. The plant kept in dark will show the absence of starch meaning there by no photosynthesis has taken place in dark.

What would be the conclusion after testing a leaf for starch?

Starch is produced by leaves during Photosynthesis, therefore if the leaf has not been exposed to light then it will not contain starch, and so when tested the Iodine will stay Yellow/Brown. Consequently if the leaf has been left in the light Photosynthesis will have taken place and when tested the Iodine will go Blue/Black showing that Starch is present. Hope this helps :)

Where in a plant cell does photosynthesis taken place?


Why is the leaf tested for starch and not glucose to see if photosynthesis has taken place?

plants produce glucose through photosynthesis, and store it the form of starch which is nothing more than a chain of glucose molecules, the plants can use these starch reserves for energy in a pinch/in the dark

Is the cell of the cortex where photosynthesis take place?

no , photosynthesis is taken place in chloroplast which contain chlorophyll. hope it helps xxx sorry if it doesn't <3 xx

From where does the oxygen liberated in photosynthesis come?

If you mean where is the oxygen released when photosynthesis has taken place then the answer is the stoma which is located under the leaf

Which cells in a leaf can photosynthesise?

Any cell that contains chloroplast can do photosynthesis. That's why stem of Cucurbita maxima, Basella rubra etc. and root of Trapa bispinosa,Tinospora cordifolia etc. take part in photosynthesis.

How do the potatoes underground contain starch when photosynthesis occurs in the green leaves above?

The product of photosynthesis is a sugar called glucose. Glucose is soluble in water and can therefore be moved round the plant to where it is needed in the plants vascular system. Thus the glucose is taken to the underground stems forming the potatoes and converted into its polymer form (starch) there.

Where is carbon taken in by plants during photosynthesis stored?

Carbon dioxide is taken in by plants, and converted to glucose during photosynthesis. Most plants convert the glucose to starch for storage. It may be retained in the leaves, and sometimes it's stored in a seed, or in a special organ for vegetative reproduction such as a potato tuber.

What is the difference between dry and wet corrosion?

dry corrosion is taken place in the presence of gases whereas wet corrosion takes place in the presence of moisture in air

What is the product of photosynethesis?

The product of photosynthesis is Glucose( C6H12O6) and Oxygen(O2). The process of photosynthesis takes place in the presence of sunlight. In this process the H2O and CO2 gets converted into the energy called ATP and into simple sugars called Glucose(C6H12O6). Also the plant releases Oxygen(O2) as the waste which is taken by us.