How does the series 'Fruits Basket' end?

Akito confesses she is a woman (she was forced to be like a man by her mother, Ren, because she didn't think it was right for a woman to rule the Sohmas), Tohru confesses her love for Kyo and after several events (such as Tohru falling off a clift, Kyo kissing her, ect ect) He finally tells her he loves her too and they kiss, then they hug and the curse is broken...all the other curses are broken (besides Kureno, Momiji was the first to get his broken for some reason) and Yuki is the last to have his curse broken, he ends up with Machi, and they kiss. Yuki tells Tohru that he always saw her as a mother like figure. Yuki's also going to go to college, so he got his own apartment and gave Machi the key. Oh, forgot to mention Akito holds this little banquet thingy telling all the zodiac members they are free to live anywhere, do anything, ect. Tohru and Kyo end up moving away to a dojo far away where he will train so he can soon have his master's dojo. In the end it shows them, and they're back (Shigures house I believe) as an elderly couple (Kyo and Tohru) (from the back) walking hand in hand, and they have a granddaughter. In the middle of the book it showed a little fill in the blank sketch of Tohru Kyo and a son, and it said something about Kyo being a good father, so they have a son, and it showed his wife,talking to their granddaughter, who people think might be Yuki and Machi's daughter, who married Kyo and Tohru's son, but no one knows, its just a thought some people had.

But also, all the people couple off except for Momiji and Kagura:( (poor them)

Kyo and Tohru

Yuki and Machi

Akito and Shigure

Uo and Kureno

Hatori and Mayu- Chan

Hatsuharu and Rin

Ayaame and Mine

Kisa and Hiro

Ritsu and Mitsuru (Mitchan...aka Shigure's editor)

And Hana ends up working for Kazuma Sohma, and it doesn't really say they're an actual couple, but sorta, though it'd be weird cuz Kazuma is like Kyo's dad and he's in his late 30s early 40s or something around there...

Also, it shows into the future, and Kyo and Tohru are an elderly couple and have a granddaughter, and its said that Kyo and Tohru's SON married Yuki and Machi's daughter. it did show that Tohru and Kyo had a son, but never Yuki and Machi had a daughter, but they probably did, so their daughter married Kyo and Tohru's son and those two grew up and had a daughter. Kyo, Tohru, Yuki, and Machi's granddaughter.