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Soils with high clay content are able to retain water and are generally classed as fertile. Vegetation on these soils is usually more vigorous and of greater diversity.

A high clay content also means that the soil can retain more nutrients such as fertiliser for a longer period of time, therefore increasing the nutrients the plants absorb, and therefore, lol, increasing the speed at which the plant will grow!

Haha there that's my answer.

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How does clay affect plant growth?

Clay does help to hold in moisture, so in theory, this should give the roots of plants more water to soak up, leading to plant growth However, clay can be difficult for roots to push through. Also, because clay does not drain well once saturated, it can cause roots to rot from excess water exposure and denial of oxygen to the roots.

How does clay leaching affect pH?

Clay leaching do not affect pH

Do different soils affect plant growth?

yes, because if you really think for a moment you can see that some soils have more clay than others and that really affects the way your plants grow sorry but that's all I know

Is top soil good for plant growth?

Top soil usually has humus and minerals which are often absent from sand, clay or gravel.

How does the type of tennis court affect ball speed?

Obeying the laws of physics, the speed of a tennis ball will increase with hard surfaces, such as cement, and decrease with soft surfaces, such as clay.

What happens to a plant if the soil is too clay like?

If the plant can get established on the clay soil, it usually does very well. The problem is getting it established, as clay soil makes root penetration very difficult for the plant.

Why is loam soil good for farmers?

Loam soil is good for farmers because it has equal qualities f sand, clay and humus. It is especially good for plant growth.

How can design of flower pot can affect the growth of plant?

It depends on the plant. Some plants require good drainage due to a large intake of water, so the pot should have a hole. Some plants e.g. catci don't require much water and so its pot may have a closed bottom. Cacti also do better in clay pots rather than ones made of plastic. Some plants should be hung and so the pot should have a hole if it is not on a stand. The size of a pot will also affect the growth of many plants.

How does the height of pendulum affect momentum of the lump of clay?

As the length of a pendulum increase the time period increases whereby its speed decreases and thus the momentum decrease.

Does acid rain affect clay?

yes it can

What are Grorox?

A pH neutral media for plants; GroRox (manufactured by a heat process of a special clay). It provide free drainage and aeration to promote plant growth. Search also: hydroponics

Is clay good for the environment?

Clay is one type of soil that is available on earth. Clay is good as it supports certain types of plant life.

How does soil affect plant life an area?

Soil contain different combination of sand,clay, and humus.The kind of soil in a region affects the kind of plants that grow there.

How do different soils effect plant growth?

A loam soil that has lots of organic nutrients and good air flow will make the plant grow faster. As with a clay type soil that stays wet, doesn't have much nutrition value and very little air flow will tend to slow down the plant growth that why they need the soil to make it grow they need water and soil for moister

Is clay good for plant growth?

no. Clay is almost the worst plantgrowingtype of soil because it has almost no nutrients in it. that's why it is popular for shaping, or making pottery. so if i were you, i would go for using dirt for plants. unless it's cacti that you're growing, then use sand. but other than that, try not to use clay forgrowingplants.Have a great day and happy planting!

How do different types of surface affect the way a ball bounces?

I am assuming you are talking about tennis. On a grass surface, the ball will bounce fast. On clay courts, the ball will bounce slower than on grass. On a hard court, the speed of the ball bounce will be in between clay and grass.

Do you have to soak a clay pot before using it to plant something in it?

no, you do not.

Why are clay soils not good for plants?

Clay soils don't furnish enough aeration for plant roots, they basically sufficate.

What is the best tree to plant in dry clay soil?

it depends on you zone but magnolia trees usually grow well in clay.

Why would a plant grow better in top soil then clay and sand?

Because soil has nutrients that clay and sand don't have

Why might a desert plant grow poorly in clay soils?

Because clay soil is too thin for desert plants

Why is potting soil better to plant a plant than Sand or clay?

Sand drains too quickly. Clay is poor draining and is likely to be waterlogged. Potting soil is specially formulated to drain slowly, and contains humus and plant nutrients.

How can you prepare a model of plant cell or animal cell?

Try making the cell out of clay. The outer mold will be a bowl of clay and the parts inside will be made out of smaller models of clay.

Is clay brittle?

Once a clay plant pot (for instance) is fired in a kiln, it becomes solid, but can shatter if dropped on a hard floor.

What is the different between loamy soil and clayey soil?

Clay soil is mainly made up of clay particles; if is more than 50% clay, then it is referred to as "heavy clay". It's slow draining, slow warming, slow drying, cracks easily when dried, and it compacts easily. The particles that make up the soil are also quite small. Clay soil is, generally speaking, harder for annuals and perennials to grow in. Loam soil is composed of equal amounts of sand, silt and clay. As a result, it holds plenty of moisture but, unlike clay soil, drains well. It's loose, instead of compact, allowing for sufficient air to reach plant roots, and tends to be rich in nutrients. Of the three main types of soil (clay and sandy being the other two), it is the best for plant growth.