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Sperm gets into a woman through her vagina.

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Women do not have sperm.

sperm fertilzes the egg, without sperm no baby... so there is NO way a woman can get pregnant without contact of sperm

No. If a woman is infertile, sperm will have no effect on her. Infertile means she cannot get pregnant.

When a woman touches your peeper

A sperm must join with an egg for a woman to get pregnant.

You can be sure that no woman has sperm because only men has that.

If it's sperm then there is a chance yes.

The woman has to have an egg and needs only one sperm to fertilize the egg. Without sperm no baby.

No, a woman cannot get pregnant from sperm on her lips. Sperm would have to enter the uterus to come into contact with an egg to fertilize and create an embryo.

This question does not make sense. The closest I can guess is probably "What does it mean when the sperm does not come back out of a woman? Or, something to the effect of sperm actually being made b y the woman's body. To the former, the fallopian tubes are open on the ends and the sperm goes out into the woman's abdomen and absorbed back into the body. To the latter, a woman is defined as producing eggs, where a male is defined as producing sperm. If she produces sperm and eggs, she is a true hermophrodite. By definition, woman does not produce sperm, hence, sperm does not come out of a woman. I strongly recommend you reword your question.

What happens when a sperm and egg combine is that a woman gets pregnant.

Females do not have sperm. Only males have sperm, so, no, it takes a man to get pregnant.

sure why not ---- There is NO such thing as female sperm.

No. Once the sperm is in the egg no other sperm is allowed in.

Yeah if the woman is a shemale.

No, sperm can live for several days inside a woman after ejaculation.

No. Sperm inside the vagina will make her pregnant.

No because sperm is sensitive to the temperature therefore will have to be released inside of the woman

Sperm into mouth will not get you pregnant, only sperm into vagina can do that.

yes its the sperm that does the job not the action