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I dont know T_T

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Q: How does the sword on the stomach magic trick work?
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How does the raven magic trick work?


How does magic trick work were man is cut in half with chain saw work?


How do magic tricks work?

Magic tricks work through a combination of misdirection, sleight of hand, and manipulating the audience's perception. Magicians use techniques such as palming, forcing, and switching to create the illusion of the impossible. It's all about creating a sense of wonder and mystery through the presentation of the trick.

How does the Paul Harris magic trick little man work?

by magic

Aqw how to get sludge sword?

are just a trick it only work on Sunday you can get only sludge sword on Sunday

How does ukranian card trick work?

cant tell you, its magic

How does the magic trick astro ball cabinet work?

The ball goes into the glass

What magic trick needs 4 words for it to work?

aba cod dab rah

How does a hot rod magic trick work?

In a hot rod magic trick, a magician appears to change the colors of a rod by sliding it between their hands. The rod actually contains segments of different colors that are manipulated to create the illusion of color changes as it is moved. This sleight of hand technique is what makes it seem like the colors are changing.

What is a good magic trick?

Card tricks a normally work and any other tricks just try your best!

Does black magic work or not?

Debatable. I think it may on some who believe since the mind can trick the body into anything.

A work of literature in which the hero is accompanied by a flying horse and a magic sword would most likely be a?

satire myth fantasy