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The tongue moves food around in order to chew it thoroughly. In addition, the muscles in the tongue move the chewed food to the opening of the esophagus.

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Why do you have a tongue?

You have a tongue to help mix your food with saliva and help push the moist food to the back of the throat to swallow.

What is the role of the tongue and cheeks during chewing?

The tongue is to help you swallow and move your food around. You obviously have your cheeks to keep the food from falling out.

What helps you swallow and taste your food?

Your taste buds taste it and your tongue helps swallow it. Your tongue also moves the food around in your mouth, by the way.

What can you swallow your tongue?

you can swallo food and you cant your tonge

Helps you swallow your food and you use it to taste?

The tongue.

How does the tongue help the digestive system?

The main function of the tongue is to allow an even breakdown of the food by the teeth. Imagine trying to chew your food without moving your tongue, only a small part of it will acutally get chewed. Secondly the tongue allows you to swallow your food. If someone did not have a tongue they would never be able to swallow any solid foods. The tongue also coats the food with saliva which helps it get digested in the stomach. Also, the tongue is responsible for taste, which does not affect digestion, but is a good thing to be able to do anyways.

Why does your food has taste if all you do is chew and swallow?

You have taste buds on your tongue.

Can you swallow your food without your tongue?

Personally I can't, but try it and see.

What forces food back into the pharynx?

The tongue is the muscle that forces food into the pharynx. When you chew and then swallow, it is the back of your tongue that forces the food back and down your throat.

Can you swallow without your tongue?

no, because your tongue pushes food/drinks down and then the smoothe muscles take over..:)

Why can people swallow food while standing on their heads?

Swallowing has nothing to do with gravity, you tongue literally pushes food into your throat when you swallow. Swallowing is the utilization of a muscle.

How does a frogs mouth help it to eat?

Their sticky tongue helps it catch the food by quickly flicking out and bringing it's prey into it's mouth to swallow.

What is tongue for?

The tongue is a strong muscle that rolls your food into an easy to swallow ball after the teeth chew and the salivary glands moisten.

What prevents food from going into your throat?

Food normally goes in your throat when you swallow. A coordinated swallow reflex, controlled partially by the tongue, helps you control the timing of swallowing.

If we didn't have a tongue what would happen to the other organs that work with the tongue?

u would not be Abel to talk or eat or swallow food.

How do horses swallow their food?

Horses swallow their food in basically the same way a human does. After chewing the food properly they use their tongue/throat muscles to pull the chewed food down their throat and into their stomach for digestion.

Do penguins have barbs?

Yes! On their tongue and throat they have them to help swallow slippery fish. These are pointed backwards to help swallow. Since penguins don't have teeth, this is like a replacement for them.

Is it possible for a human to swallow their own tongue?

No, a human cannot swallow their tongue. It is physically impossible.

Can chickens lick?

No, a chicken cannot lick. The tongue of a chicken is not long enough to lick anything. The tongue is used to help them swallow.

What is the function of a human tongue?

The tongue rolls the food into balls or boli (singular: 'bolus') and pushes them to the back of the buccal (mouth) cavity for swallowing.The tongue is not considered as part of the respiratory system, mostly on account of it not assisting in breathing. It is part of the gastrointestinal (digestive) system. The tongue helps you to swallow, then peristaltic action propels food, now called a bolus, down the esophagus.Tasting and Processing the Food: Your tongue works along with our teeth, lips and mouth to taste, chew, and swallow food. Your teeth help your tongue grind food as the tongue mixes the food around your mouth. Without your teeth, lips, and the roof of your mouth, your tongue wouldn't be able to form sounds to make words. Saliva is needed for the proper functioning of the tongue. A dry tongue can't taste a thing so saliva helps the tongue and our sense of taste by keeping it wet. Saliva moistens food and helps to break it down, which in turn makes it easier for the tongue to push the food to the back of the mouth for swallowing.

How does your body swallow?

Your tongue pushes chewed food down your throat and muscles squeeze it down.

What kind of food breakdown occurs in the mouth?

Your saliva breaks down the food along with your teeth and your tongue helps you swallow it.

What body parts amphibians use in getting food?

They use their tongue to catch the food. They also push their eyes into their throat to swallow the food.

What would happen if you lost your tongue?

If you lost your tongue, you would not be able to chew or swallow food. You also would not be able to speak very clearly.

Do you swallow your tongue when you die?


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