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Most thermal pots use a vacuum flask inside. The inner and outer walls are separated by a vacuum. The only way heat is transferred from inner to outer walls is by radiation.

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Q: How does thermal pot keep the liquid inside it hot?
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How do you keep liquid hot in antarctica?

Fire works nicely to keep liquid hot.

Why does liquid glass have more thermal energy than the solid glass bowl?

Liquid glass has more thermal energy because it's really hot. A normal glass bowl isn't as hot as liquid glass.

What energy transformation occurs when you use a hot plate to boil a liquid?

Electrical to thermal

How do flasks keep drinks hot?

because conduction,convection and radiation keep the flask thermal because of what they do

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What is thermal storage system for solar system?

Well, that might be thermal mass inside a dwelling, or water, as in hot water, heated by the sun.

Which type of container keep liquid hotter longer?

If you are using wood, metal, plastic, or a thermos it would have to be a thermos because inside of it there insulators. Insulators are used to keep whatever is inside the same without the stuff outside interfering. Why else do you think we drink hot coffee in a thermos.

Is convection an example of hot air rising?

it is thermal convection because convection is the tranfer of energy through a liquid or gas.

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WHY styrofoam cups keep liquid hot and cold?

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What is the Functions of thermos flask with diagram?

The primary function of a thermos flask is to keep liquids hot or cold. There is an outer protective layer with a hollow area inside before the actual area where the liquid is stored. Heat or cold gets trapped in the hollow area and that is what keeps a liquid hot or cold.

What is the purpose of a thermal cup?

The purpose of a thermal cup is to keep hot beverage or food hot for an extended period of time. This eliminates re-heating items like coffee or soups. This is convenient for taking items on the go.