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Tolerance to alcohol does not affect immediate measures of BAC. A tolerant person can have a much higher BAC without feeling the effects but according to the law they are more drunk than a person with a lower amount that is highly affected by alcohol.

To be more specific, high tolerance essentially affects the level of habituation a person's neurons have adapted to alcohol and reduces the number of receptors that they have for alcohol. As BAC is a measure of immediate blood alcohol levels, this is not affected by levels of receptors in the brain.

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Q: How does tolerance to alcohol affect BAC?
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What about an alcohol level of .523 An alcoholic with high tolerance how would that affect them?

If an alcoholic has a bac of .523, how would that affect them?

Does a greater tolerance for alcohol lower a persons BAC?


Does mood affect bac?

No, your mood does not affect your BAC. Your BAC or blood alcohol level is only affected by the amount of alcohol you have consumed.

Does mood affect a persons BAC?

Mood can indirectly affect a person's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) through influencing how much they drink or accelerating the effects of alcohol due to stress or depressive states. However, mood itself does not directly impact the way the body metabolizes or absorbs alcohol.

What are signs of being impaired by alcohol?

The level of BAC that causes impairment depends heavily on whether or not the drinker has developed alcohol tolerance and, if so, how much tolerance. About 25% of alcoholics show absolutely no evidence of impairment at .01 BAC because of their tolerance.

How long would after drinking alcohol affect a breathalizer test?

Depends on your BAC, which drops .015 of BAC per hour.

Can aspirin affect blood alcohol levels?

Yes it can affect your BAC if you have been drinking. Aspirin inhibits your body's ability to metabolize alcohol.

What are factors that affect BAC?

Typically, body mass, whether or not one has had food recently, and alcohol tolerance of the individual in question. Also the type of alcoholic beverage consumed. Sipping beer will not make you as drunk as shots.

How long would drinking alcohol affect a breathalizer test?

Alcohol is metabolized at the rate of about .015 of BAC per hour.

Do alcholics get drunk quickly and why?

It takes a higher BAC for alcoholics to exhibit clinical signs of intoxication because of the phenomenon known as alcohol tolerance.

Law enforcement officials refer to the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream as?

Blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

What will make your BAC rise?

Alcohol. BAC stands for Blood Alcohol Content. It is the ratio of alcohol to blood.