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a drunk person and some one injected with sodium pentothal (truth serum) are about the same all it really does is about the same as alcohol ever noticed when you are drunk you find it easier to tell the truth all truth serum does is lower your talking inhibitions basically making you to not mind telling the truth

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In reality there is no such thing as a real truth serum as most people would imagine. Things that are considered truth serums are drugs that lower a person's inhibitions which should in theory cause the person to tell more truth. The problem is that many drugs used as a TS are CNS depressants such as ethyl alcohol, barbiturates, and other similar sedatives. The problem with sedative is they lower cognitive function and memory, this often leads to a subject mixing fantasy with fact. Another thing that adds to the unreliability of TS drugs are that they often simply increase talking but not actual truth telling.

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Q: How does truth serum work?
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What is truth serum made of?

truth serum is a drug called sodium Anatol

Is truth serum illegal?

Depends on how it is used. In the USA, truth serum is used by doctors in the process of obtaining information from a patient who is either unable to or unwilling to provide it otherwise. And according to international law, the unethical use of truth serum is classified as a form of torture

What is h2o3n2?

it is the chemical formula for a "truth serum" which makes a person talkative and tell the truth

What substance is known as the truth serum?

Sodium Anatol...

Is LSD considered a truth serum?

Look up Project MKULTRA. If the government would have thought it was a truth serum back then, they'd still be giving it to citizens without their knowledge.

Does truth serum work?

Not really. It makes you relax and perhaps talk too much. More or the less like drinking too much.

Sodium pentathol truth serum?

It's actually spelled 'sodium pentothal' and it is a truth serum, among other things, but it only works for a couple of minutes. Some people call it 'thiopental sodium.'

Can you drink truth serum?

not unless you want to drink LSD then no... you can't

Does vitamin C eye serum work?

The only eye serum that works, as far as anti aging, is a vitamin A serum.

What are the release dates for The Man Called X - 1956 Truth Serum 1-5?

The Man Called X - 1956 Truth Serum 1-5 was released on: USA: 24 February 1956

Is there a truth serum?

No, not really. They are mostly sedatives that calm you down and lower inhibitions.

What are the release dates for Testees - 2008 Truth Serum 1-13?

Testees - 2008 Truth Serum 1-13 was released on: USA: 18 December 2008 Canada: 9 January 2009

What is the full form of narco in narco-analysis test?

The full form of narco in this phrase is "narcotic." A narco-analysis test is one that uses a narcotic psychoactive serum to learn the truth about something from someone who is not willing to provide it. It is, essentially, a truth serum.

Treatment used in the snake pit movie?

Electroshock therapy, administration of a "truth serum", and hydrotherapy.

Where can you purchase truth serum?

At Wal-Mart you can get the Sams Choice version at the Rollback price of 5.99

Which is the truth serum drug?

It was invented by the Germans for Spies... Its LSD simply put. Drugs. a special one

How does fetal bovine serum work?

Is there a drug that will make someone tell the truth?

No. But there are drugs that loosen inhibitions, thus making people more likely to tell the truth. MDMA (extacy), alcohol, and sodium penthanol (truth serum) are all examples.

Where can you buy truth serum?

"its a needle that was used in America to make people drunk and make them tell the truth by them saying "I did it, there i said it!!" That is true no lie" Nice try, but no cigar. You can't buy it, but if your smart enough, perhaps you could make it. It goes by the name of sodium pentathol.

What is the ultimate serum on 39 clues?

Alist on how to mix the serum to get it work and once u drink it u become the ultimate cahill

Does natural snail serum work for skin burns?


Does alcohal make you tell the truth?

I've seen people who drink excessively tell the truth, but sadly society and the laws lead everyone to believe that if you are an alcoholic you are a liar. This is not true for everyone. But, NO, alcohol is NOT a 'truth serum'. Even under sodium pentathol (truth serum), people can lie. Yes this is true too, but I seen plenty of people who don't drink who lie also. My point is we cannot judge since not everyone who drinks lie.

What is lacking antibodies of a specific type in serum?

Serum is serum

What is the truth serum in Harry Potter called?

The special potion that forces people to spill all of their deepest secrets is called "Veritaserum".

Is Alcohol a truth serum?

Seagrams 7 is the best truth serum. It has worked countless times on boyfriends to get them to open up and tell all kinds of unknown info. As a seasoned drinker I have been amazed at how this specific drink seems to get people telling their business. Just make sure you don't drink it as you will be inclined to spill your guts as well.