How does uranium kill people?


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1. If it is used in nuclear weapons.

2. If it is ingested, because uranium is toxic.

3. If it is inhaled because alpha radiations from uranium, radium and radon destroy pulmonary alveoli.

4. In the case of an accident of criticality.

5. After a contact with irradiated uranium, because all the radiations emitted by the fission products are dangerous.


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Uranium is extracted from mines.

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yes they contain plenty of uranium and are bad for you they can kill if u eat too many

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Uranium is a radioactive element. Any contact with uranium with water, air, human being, ecetera, will either kill the victim or permanently mutate it. Therefore, it is strongly advised that we use some other safer resource than uranium, looking back at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, uranium has killed and disfigured and mutated a lot of people. If you type "uranium" in google images, you'll be able to see horribly disfigured people. Don't use uranium, its not safe. /////// Natural uranium is not so dangerous; yes, uranium is radioactive (but the gamma radiation has an energy of about 180 keV - not important) and toxic. No mutations and killing at contact or other exagerations. Uranium don't kill any person at Nagasaki and Hiroshima; resposibles was the radiations from another radioactive isotopes, the flux of neutrons, the high temperature, the power of the shock wave, fires, etc.

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Yes and it can also kill and from what i have heard mutate you to.

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- after a severe intoxication (ingestion of an important mass of soluble uranium compounds); uranium is toxic and radioactive. - after inhalation of uranium dust on long periods; uranium and the released radon are the cause of lung cancers in this case. - after the explosion of a critical mass of enriched uranium - if you are between the victims of a nuclear weapons bombarment, using uranium in the bombs

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