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Q: How does urbanization affect the availability of water?
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How will the formation of future Pangaea affect the availability of water for your society?

The formation of a future Pangaea will affect the availability of water for society by closing off the access to certain bodies of water.

What will affect the the growth of plants?

The following factors will affect the growth of plants: exposure to light, ambient temperature, water availability, soil type, nutrient availability and supply of nutrients.

How does urbanization affect our environment?

Increasing urbanization will affect environmental condition in a country because increasing urbanization will affect the living condition and the development of birthrates and also development and condition are together in this case..loll

How did urbanization affect developing countries?

How has urbanization affected people in developing nations

How does urbanization affect lithosphere?

by money

Does the location of a planted seed affect its growth?

Yes, due to light, water availability etc.

How does urbanization affect the forest?

u can suck trees

How does urbanization affect mental health?

disscuss the factors

How does the increase in the use of plastics affect the availability of petroleum?

It decreases petroleum's availability

What affect does urbanization has on temperature?

The primary affect urbanization has on temperature is to increase it overall. Because of the concentration of people, buildings, and equipment, nature is unable to dissipate all the heat as it normally would.

Why rapid urbanization is taking place in the small island nation of the pacific?

Rapid urbanization in the small island is attributed to economic growth and availability of resources. Many people search for jobs and stability in this specific area.

What are the effects of urbanization in Nevada?

The effects of urbanization in Nevada have decreased the areas that were originally farmlands. Urbanization has also brought a water shortage to this area.