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How does velocity differ from speed?

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Velocity indicates direction in addition to speed.

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How are speed and velocity alike?

Speed and velocity are similar because they are both measures of quantity that involve motion. They differ because speed is a scalar quantity while velocity is a vector.

How do speed and velocity differ?

When a direction is specified, it is called velocity. When the direction is not specified, it is called a speed. (That's the difference between a vector and a scalar.)

How does velocity differ from acceleration?

Simply put,acceleration is got when velocity changes with time while velocity is when speed changes with time.

How do velocity and speed differ?

Velocity is a speed and its direction. -- "30 miles per hour" is a speed -- "30 miles per hour north" is a velocity -- "30 mph north" and "30 mph east" are equal speeds but different velocities.

The rate at which something moves?

That is the speed or velocity.That is the speed or velocity.That is the speed or velocity.That is the speed or velocity.

How velocity and speed differ from each other?

Velocity is a vector measurement, it has both a speed quantity, but also includes direction. Speed is a scalar measurement, it only concerns with the how fast the object is moving, not its direction

How speed and velocity differ?

Speed is the rate of covering distance. 60 mph north, south, or west are all exactly the same speed. Velocity is speed and its direction. 60 mph north, south, and east are three different velocities.

What is velocity and speed?

Velocity is speed along with the direction of the speed.

What is the biggest difference between speed and velocity?

velocity is speed with direction; velocity is a vector and speed is a scalar

Is Speed different from Velocity?

velocity is speed in a direction

Diffetiate speed and velocity?

Speed has no direction, velocity does.

Is velocity the speed of a wave?

Velocity and speed are not synonyms.

Are speed and velocity different?

SPEED has the speed only; while VELOCITY has the direction and the speed.

Whats the difference between speed and velocity?

Speed is scalar quantity and velocity is a vector - velocity has both speed AND direction (You might say that velocity is speed with an attitude!)

Can your speed and velocity ever have the same magnitude?

Speed and velocity always have the same magnitude, becausespeed is the magnitude of velocity.The difference is that velocity has a direction but speed doesn't

When measuring two different velocities if the time interval of measurement is the same for both what will differ?

I would think direction since velocity is a vector. Could also be speed. Speed is just a rate, velocity has speed and a direction. Short answer: direction with a speed caveat to account for the ambiguity in the question.

How is speed of a body related its velocity?

Part of every velocity is a speed. Speed is the size of the velocity.But the velocity also has a direction, which the speed doesn't.'30 mph North' and '30 mph West' are the same speed but different velocity.

How is velocity same from instantaneous speed?

Instantaneous speed is the magnitude of the velocity. Velocity also states the [direction] of the speed.

Can velocity speed up an object?

Well velocity is basically the same thing as speed but with direction (velocity can be negative or positive and speed is always positive). l velocity l = speed So a change in velocity means a change in speed.

When is speed equal to the magnitude of velocity?

That is the case when you are talking about instantaneous speed and velocity - or when the velocity is constant. In the case of an average speed and velocity, this relation does not hold.

What is the difference betweenn speed and velocity?

Velocity is speed with a direction

Why it is facts about speed and velocity?

three facts about speed and velocity

What is instantaneous speed or velocity?

It is the speed or velocity at a particular instant.

How do you find speed if you know the velocity?

Velocity is speed and direction

What are difference between speed and velocity?

Velocity is speed with direction