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How does water from the radiator get into the crankshaft?

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It is circulated by a water pump

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Where is the crankshaft sensor in a 1998 Nissan Altima?

The crankshaft sensor on the 1998 NISSAN ALTIMA is located next to the radiator side of the harmonic balancer

If there is water in the radiator then what?

there is supposed to be water in the radiator. your radiator is supposed to be evenly mix 50/50 with radiator fluid and water, preferably distilled water.

Where is the crankshaft sensor located on a Mazda B2500?

Hello! The crankshaft position sensor is located behind the crankshaft pulley,on the left side facing the front of the car.It is difficult to see and to remove it you need to remove the crankshaft pulley ( radiator,belts,.... )

Where is the water pump located in a GMC safari?

The water pump on a GMC Safari van is located on the front of the engine, below the alternator. It uses a drive belt attached to the crankshaft to circulate water throughout the engine and radiator.

Where is the water pump on a Ford Econoline F 150 Conversion Van?

Behind the radiator, behind the fan Should be the belt operated accessory just above the crankshaft

How do I add water to a low radiator with out a radiator cap?

There is a water reservoir tank that goes to the radiator that you can add the water to.

Where is water pump on vectra 2.0dtl?

The water pump on a Vectra 2.0 DTL is located just behind and to the right of the crankshaft pulley. This is on the front of the motor. One easy way to find a water pump is to trace where the hoses go from the radiator.

Is the water reservior just for water or for coolant for the radiator?

Radiator coolant.

How do you change water pump on a 1992 Acura Legend?

Drain the radiator. Remove the drive belt, and the crankshaft sprocket cover. Unbolt the pump, replace it, then re-install the cover and belt.

Can you fill water daily in radiator?

You can add water to a radiator any time it is low on water.

How you unfreeze the water in your radiator?

remove your radiator form your car then poor some hot water in radiator till water comes out nice and smooth.

What is the purpose of water in a car's radiator?

The radiator cools the water which then goes to your engine to cool it off, as cool water enters your engine hot water from the engine enters your radiator

How do you add water to a jetta radiator?

When a car is hot, keep the car running and add water to the radiator. When a car is cold, you can simply put the water into the radiator.

Which is better water or radiator fluid?

radiator fluid

How do you flush the radiator fluid in a 97 Geo Prism?

Remove the bottom radiator hose. Stick a hose in the top of the radiator. Turn the water on. Allow the water to run through the radiator and out the bottom of the radiator.

How do you add water to the radiator on a new beetle?

To add water to the radiator on a new beetle, first remove the lower radiator hose. Then add water to the coolant reservoir.

How do you flush a radiator on a 1996 Chevy Lumina?

Remove the bottom radiator hose on your 1996 Chevy Lumina radiator. Put a water hose in the top of the radiator. Allow the water hose to run until the water draining from the bottom of the radiator runs clear.

Should you put cold water in an overheated radiator?

No. Let it cool down before you open the radiator cap and then put water in the radiator

How full should the radiator be filled with water?

You don't put water in your radiator, you put antifreeze.

What if no water runs thorught the radiator?

radiator plugged up

Where do you put the water for the radiator?

In the radiator over flow bottle.

Which is the supply line on a radiator?

The lower radiator hose supplies the water pump. The upper radiator hose supplies the radiator.

How do you flush radiator on a 1998 Mercury Tracer?

Take off the radiator cap while cool. Open the radiator and start to drain into a bucket. Use water hose to run water into the radiator until the water drains clear.

How does the heat energy get from the hot water to the outside of the radiator?

The hot water is in contact with the metal casing of the radiator, so that metal radiator takes some heat from the water. The heat then passes from the inside metal of radiator to the outside metal of the radiator through convection. The outside metal of the radiator then passes it to the air that is blowing by it outside.

Where does cool water go after it leaves a radiator?

The coolant leaves the radiator by way of the lower radiator hose then enters the water pump in most automotive engines.