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Water its self does not provide energy, however it can store some of the Suns energy, usefully in the form of potential energy (by virtue of its elevation in the gravity field of the planet).

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What provieds energy for earths water cycle?

Sun provides energy for earth's water cycle. It provides thermal energy for evaporation.

What does the Sun provides energy for liquid water to become?

The sun provides the energy for liquid water to become water vapor, an invisible gas this cycle is called evaporation.

What provides the energy that water needs to evaporate?

These energy sources are the movement of water molecules and the temperature.

How the suns energy drive the water cycle?

Sun provides thermal energy. it drives water cycle.

What provides your body with energy?

Food's nutrition and water.

Molecule that provides energy?

The molecule that provides energy for every cell is glucose. It is broken down during cellular respiration into carbon dioxide, water and energy.

What does water do in the cell?

It basically provides nutrients and energy to the cell.

Which form of energy powers the water cycle?

Thermal energy from sun powers water cycle.It provides heat to evaporate.

Water PROVIDES food and energy for us is provides the helping or main verb?

Provides is the main verb. There is no auxiliary verb in that sentence.

What provides the energy causes water to evaporate?

This is the continuous Brownian movement of water molecules.

What is the role of the sun that plays in the water cy cle?

Sun provides energy for evaporation. It provides heat.

Why are sun and water energy for water waves?

They aren't. The Sun provides energy for water waves (and, indeed, for most processes on Earth), but water is only an intermediate storage of energy, in some cases.

What provides energy?

Protein provides energy.

How does the sun play a role in the water cycle?

The sun provides the energy needed to evapourate water from the surface of oceans, seas and lakes etc and it also provides the heat energy to prevent almost all of the water on the Earth from freezing.

The biggest use of energy in a home?

In cold weather the water boiler which provides central heating and water heating uses the most energy.

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