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Q: How does wind speed and direction affect the weather?
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Wind speed is measured with a weather vane.?

No. A weather vane only shows the wind direction.

What measurement measures weather vane?

Wind Direction.A weather vane tells the direction of the wind. If paired with an anemometer it tells the speed of the wind as well as the direction the wind is blowing.

What is the name of the weather instrument used to measure wind?

Speed: anemometer. Direction: wind vane

How does a wind vane record weather?

A wind vane measure wind direction. It doesn't measure wind speed, it tells which direction the wind is coming from and which direction it is currently blowing.

What do weather satellites measure?

Pressure, wind direction, wind speed and cloud cover

What is a device used to tell wind direction?

The anemometer measures wind speed. A weather vane tells wind direction.

What are two things about wind that weather forecasters measure?

Speed and Direction

What weather tool is used to measure wind direction?

An anemometer is used to measure velocity and is the spinning part on a weather station. A weather vane is an instrument for showing the direction of the wind. They are typically used as an architectural ornament on the highest point of a building. On a sailboat, the vane at the top of the mast is called a windex.

Does air temperature affect the weather and speed of the wind?


What tool tells the direction of the wind?

Weather vane is for direction and anemometer is for speed

What weather condition does wind speed measure?

The wind direction is measured with wind vanes or wind socks. The wind speed is measured with an anemometer.

What are the various elements of weather and their corresponding weather instruments?

wind speed-anemometer wind direction-wind vane temperature-thermometer humidity-hygrometer