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How does wiz khalifa smoke weed without getting caught?


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He has a medicinal merajuana card.


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If I were you , the best place to smoke it without getting caught is inside a home. Generally in a basement. NEVER smoke it outside.. LOL if you do, chances are likely that you'll get caught.

smoke in a private place that no one knows about or cant catch you, like if you have a little forest o r something like the woods that will work.

Yes, he is known for smoking marijuana constantly.

Wiz Khalifa said he easily spends 10,000 dollars on weed each month.

Don't tell anyone. If you need to smoke, go to a field or someone abandon. Bring perfume/cologne so you can spray yourself down. Don't forget the eye dropper crap to make your eyes clear of redness. & stay away from your house if your parents are there, or if you live alone theres really no way you can get caught.

Yes he will make all the kids smoke weed

no, he did not smoke but was caught with some marijuana.

Kid cudi wiz Khalifa and pretty much everyone

he spends an average of about $10,000 a month on weed

No. The condition smoking cannot be caught but they can be caught if they smoke in non-smoking places.

Wiz Khalifa is the best rapper to smoke to.

of course he does, he tlks about gettin high on his song with wiz khalifa "High"!!

Not wanting to. Not wanting to take the risk of getting caught and having a criminal record Not wanting to inflame the lungs if you smoke it.

you cant. you will get stung in the forehead. smoke somewhere else.

He smokes before almost every one, if not every single one.

I'm his words from an interveiw Wizzy said Wiz Khalifa: I don't smoke any blunts. I used to smoke blunts, but when you smoke the quality of weed that we smoke, you want to taste all that weed. You don't want the blunt to get in the way. Plus blunts are real bad for you. They make your body ache, you be coughing up brown sh*t. I need my voice. I don't want to have blunt damage.

Yea he does thats why he can smoke on videos and stuff and not get in trouble he smokes medicional to treat his illness

Story on proverb there is no smoke without fire?

Type your answer here... Young, Wild , and Free - Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg

I don't know, but smoke any at all and you will get caught eventually. Don't think you can hide it! Don't smoke!

No, electronic cigarettes are simply a mean of getting your nicotine fix without all the harmful by products of a smoke

no , he's too good for that :) see link below. he does smoke he was caught somking at a pub with his friends YES HE DOES SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! silly boyy :|

No. You must be in the presence of smoke to get second hand smoke.

YES! she was caught smoking a bong!!

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