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You can get pregnant very quickly...because your cervix is still open after a D&C. you should wait at least 2 weeks.

I am about to have a cone biopsy next week. My DR has told me no intercourse for 6 weeks. (Same goes for using tampons and having a bath, only showers during this time.) I have one child but would like to conceive another. Apparently the chances of late miscarriage and the possibility of the cervix opening too soon during pregnancy are increased after a cone biopsy. Sometimes a stitch is placed in the cervix and taken out at 37 weeks to reduce the chance of having a pre-term baby. Cesarean Sections are also more common after cone biopsy. I have heard many stories of women carrying babies to full term after a cone biopsy. Every case is different and I think it may also depend on how much of the cervix is removed for biopsy and the length of the individuals cervical canal.

You should take a lot of time to let your body heal before you get pregnant. I had a cone done a month after I had my son and then eight months after that I was pregnant with my daughter and I am 30 weeks and she has already dropped into my pelvis head down and they hope she stays there until two more weeks. As for the pregnancy it has been very hard. At 19 weeks I had to go into surgery to have a cervical cerclage done. I was in the hospital for a week because the medication they gave me made my daughter sick and it makes it really hard for you and the baby. I don't mean to scare you or bring you down but I just thought you could learn from someone who has gone through it and know how it feels. Good Luck and I hope that everything works out great for you.

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Q: How easily can you get pregnant after a cone biopsy and dnc?
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