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Q: How effective was the freedem's bureau?
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How effective was the Freedman's Bureau?

The Freedmen's Bureau was effective in that they coordinated the educational activities of various church groups. By 1869 the Bureau oversaw 3,000 schools servicing 150,000 Black students. In may respects the Bureau was successful. For example, Black freedom schools in the South were the first chance for Freedmen to obtain an education.

What is the purpose of the Pakistan Computer Bureau?

The purpose of the Pakistan Computer Bureau (PCB) is to provide fast paced, economical and effective implementation of E-Governance program based on international best practices.

Do you feel that the Better Business Bureau is effective in ensuring that companies behave ethically to protect the consumer?

No, I dont feel that.

What were the tasks of the freedmens bureau?

to smoke weed EDIT: Don't be immature, the tasks of the freedmans bureau were simple yet effective, they baked special brownies for all the freed slaves. Then they all got high and lived happily ever after.

What is good sentence for bureau?

My bureau is made out of solid oak.My grandmother bought this bureau in 1927.He worked for the Farm Bureau reporting on agricultural news.FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Is it more effective to challenge inaccurate credit information via the reporting agency or each individual creditor?

As much as I hate to say it, as it makes more work for collection agencies, dispute inaccurate information with the bureau it is listed with. They require the reporting agencies to at least mark the information disputed. In addition to that, agencies must have proof of debt, and must respond to the bureau. Bureaus are a pain and they love the hold function on their phones, but are effective if you have the patience.

What is the payroll bureau?

The payroll bureau is a bureau that is tasked with processing the payroll of various companies.

What is the Deuxieme Bureau?

The French intelligence service "second bureau" of the General Staff The Cinquieme Bureau "fifth bureau" is the communications intelligence branch

What language did the word bureau come from?


What does como bureau mean in spanish?

as bureau.

Bureau that set up schools for former slaves?

It is the Freedman`s Bureau

Would 'bureau' from the Freedman's Bureau be capitalized?

No, cause it's just his bureau, there's nothing special about it.