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Q: How else can you say very little of in formal vocabulary?
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Where did Zachary Taylor go to school at?

Taylor had very little formal education. He did not go to high school or college.

Where did Annie Oakley live in her life?

Oh no as she was very poor she did not go to school even, college was unthinkable for her.

What is a vocabulary term for Drought?

a period of time in which very little or none water is to be found.

What was Benjamin west's education?

very little formal education

Thomas Edison had very little formal educatoin?


Thomas Edison had very little formal education?

True. Are you in FLVS?

What are examples of formal English?

I will write my answer in formal. To write in formal English you must be prepared to commit yourself with a large and rather expanded vocabulary. To further understand, memorize a deal of complex words that you may have never heard of, this will only further develop your vocabulary and benefit you, perhaps by sounding of a higher intelligent standard. In laymen's terms you will sound that of a higher degree of education. To conclude my transitory answer of which directly relates to the question you have asked, you have to expand on your linguistics and vocabulary or use words that you do no use very much. Not that hard... Im only 14

Is Ralph Lauren polo formal?

very very formal

Is a treaty informal or formal?

A treaty is a very, very formal document.

What does specific gravity of urine of 1.000 mean?

It means that it is nearly pure water with very, very little else in it.

How do you develop vocabulary?

Read a dictionary and then read a thesaurus. By the end you vocabulary should be at a very high standard. I am not joking.

Where did bb king go to school at?

BB King had very little formal education and did not attend college