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Climbing beans are planted 6-8 seeds around each pole which are later thinned to 3-4 plants if using that method, and 8 inches apart in rows.

Dwarf beans are planted 4-6 inches apart.

Watermelons should be allowed 36 square feet in which to grow. Cucumbers need 4-6 feet each way.

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How far apart do you plant cucumber from each other?

Around 6-8 inches should be sufficent

What other fruit can replace cantaloupe in a diet?

If you want to replace cantaloupe, you want to use something that is in the same family group and has the same values. A great replacement for cantaloupe is cucumber or watermelon, mango or even squash.

What does a bush cucumber plant look like?

Plants referred to as "bush" are determinate - they grow to a specific height. Climbing varieties are indeterminate; they continue growing taller or longer throughout the season. Tomatoes and beans have many determinate and indeterminate varieties. "Bush beans" are determinate and "pole beans" are indeterminate. Depending on garden space and growing conditions, one or the other type may be a better choice. A bush cucumber may be suitable for growing in a large container.

What is the difference between a flute and a watermelon?

One is fun to smash with a hammer and the other is a watermelon.

How does a watermelon seed disperse?

Through human and other animals who eat watermelon fruits

Why does watermelon go bad?

Watermelon, like all other foods, will go bad.

Is a pickle liike a cucumber?

A pickle is a cucumber. It has been "pickled" or soaked in vinegar and other spices.

What are the differences between an edible sea cucumber or a cucumber plant?

one is a vegetable the other is a fish

Okra and watermelon are native to which other continent?

Okra came from Africa but I don't know about watermelon.

Can beans grow in coffee?

only certain kinds of beans can have other beans growing inside them... the more rare type of coffe beans dont have other beans in them...

What other bug eats cucumber plants?

some bugs do like an ant or a ladybug and a cucumber beatles do

Is pickles and cucumber the same thing?

No, a pickle is a cucumber (or other vegetable) that has been soaked in a seasoned brine.

Are green ladybugs real?

They are not green ladybugs. You likely saw what are called cucumber beetles. They are lime green, or greenish-yellow, with black spots. They attack cucumbers, beans, and other plants. They are considered a pest.

What are other common names for the watermelon?


Can you eat watermelon with other foods?


How do youmake cucumber sandwichs?

To make a cucumber sandwich, remove the peel from the cucumber and slice the cucumber into approximately 1/4-inch thick slices. Spread mayonnaise (optional) on one or both slices of bread and place the cucumber slices on one piece of bread. Salt the cucumber a little if desired. Place the other piece of bread on top and you have a cucumber sandwich.

Can pinto beans or other beans grow where ever?


What is the function of watermelon root?

Like all other plants' root the function of watermelon root is absorption and anchorage. Watermelon plants have week stem hence these are creepers on the ground.

Is a cucumber a pickle?

a pickle is an aged cucumber ------------------- A pickle is a cucumber that has been cured in a brine/vinegar solution, usually with dill seasoning and other spices/herbs. writen bye, Emmarocks12345

What is the spanish word for watermelon?

Watermelon = Sandía At least in Mexico, it's called Sandía but can have other names in South America.

Do ladybugs eat watermelon?

Ladybugs generally eat other insects and are considered a garden helper insect. They do not eat watermelon.

Three example of a hyperbole?

I have a apple in one hand, and a watermelon in the other........... 1. the watermelon is ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS!! 2. the apple is SO TINY! 3. The watermelon is HUMONGOUS I have "over exaggerated" the size of the apple and the watermelon. i should have simply said that the watermelon was big, and the apple was small. HYPERBOLE = OVER EXAGGERATION

Why is a watermelon a fruit?

Watermelon is a fruit because it is 92% water and contains similar nutrients to other fruits, such as vitamin C and lycopene.

Does watermelon aid digestion?

No because watermelon is just water fluid like other fruits. So it will fill your tummy more.

Where are baked beans grown?

Baked beans aren't grown. Baked beans are produced from a recipe of dried beans and other ingredients.

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