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Showers in NY State have to be a minimum of 900 sq. in. (30 x 30). If the shower is on a base you can measure the center. If a shower base is going to be made of tile you can put the drain anywhere as long as the tile base pitches to the drain. I've put them inches from walls. At least center it in the other direction so it looks nice.

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Q: How far away from the wall does a shower drain need to be?
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What is a shower roughen?

A shower rough-in usually refers to the distance from the wall to the center of the shower drain , measured out away from both walls in a shower to the center of the drain. It also maybe referring to the height and the center line of the placement of the shower valve.

What is the distance from wall to the centre of drain for a stand up shower?

That depends on how big the shower is.

How far from the wall should the shower drain be?

As far as 57 feet as long as it is properly vented

How far away should a bath tub drain be away from the wall?

A hiker walking through a canyon shouts, "Hello!" and hears an echo from the canyon wall 4 seconds later. Approximately how far away is the wall? 700 meters..

What is the Distance from toilet to front wall?

If you are asking how far the drain is from the wall behind the toilet, it is 12 inches from the center of the drain to the wall behind the toilet.

How do upgrade on shower faucet in mobile home?

Like any shower, you take the wall apart and change whatever you need to. In some cases this is easy from the shower side and in others easier from the back. - Not a job for amateurs especially if the shower wall is tiled with tile over 10-12 years old. In these cases the back approach is the only way.

How far away do you mount a toilet from the wall?

you need about 12.5" from a finished wall to the center of the toilet flange. you need about 12.5" from a finished wall to the center of the toilet flange.

Can a toilet be installed where you currently have a sink?

the sink drain is the would have to get a wall mount commode,or install drain in floor and plug drain in wallAnswerYou also need a 3 or 4 inch drainpipe.Ans 3 - You can do this if you fit a new 3" drain to the main pipe and run it to a toilet flange where the sink is.

What is the standard height for wall mixer for shower?

Floor to Wall 42"

Is the shower head to be installed in the showerstall or above it in the wall?

above it in the wall

Where is the drain on a 2007 dodge dakota?

Engine oil drain, bottom of oil pan.Ac drain, lower pass side of the fire wall.trans, no drain.Axle, no drain.Engine oil drain, bottom of oil pan.Ac drain, lower pass side of the fire wall.trans, no drain.Axle, no drain.

Is it safe to have electrical wiring behind a shower wall?

On wiring a house it is common practice to have other circuits in the wall cavity passing by the built in shower stall. Electrical outlets that face outward from the shower stall wall that service another room is also common practice. There is no danger from electrical shock as the shower is isolated from the wires by wall board and usually ceramic tiles that make up the shower stall or in some cases a fiberglass shower enclosure.

what kind of sealer do I need to use for man made rock on shower wall.?

Any water resistant indoor laqure will do it.

How can I get an old bathtub of iron steel out of my bathroom?

1. Open the walls around the tub back to the wall studs. 2. Remove the plumbing fixtures, faucet, handles, shower diverter, drain lever, and water valves. 3. Get under the tub and remove the drain trap and tailpiece. 4. Remove any nails holding the attachment flanges to the studs. 5. Side the tub out and haul it away. Steel tubs are light and easy to move. If it is cast iron, you will need help.

How close can an electrical panel be behind a shower wall?

Technically it could be on the other side of the shower wall, but common sense would tell you this is not a good idea.

Where does upstairs sink water and shower water drain to?

There is a main drain that runs from the basement through the roof where it is the vent for the system. If you look at the layout of the house, the upstairs bath is most likely over the downstairs one or the kitchen. If you look on the roof, you will see a 4 inch pipe coming through the roof that should be over the upstairs bath. The sink and shower drain into that and then to the basement and out of the house. Most likely the main stack is in the wall behind the toilet.

Do you need to lower your Main drain pipe behind the wall to install under mount kitchen sink?

That would depend on the height of the drain and how deep the sink is. As long as the drain is lower than the bottom of the sink, it should be fine.

What is the headwall of the shower?

The wall where the plumbing enters into the shower. Also known as a wet wall because it has water pipes in it. It is recommended that the head wall have access on the wall opposite the bathroom to be able for plumbers to remove or replace control valves, drains etc.

Can a Bobrick shower curtain rod be installed in the ceiling instead of the shower walls?

The Bobrick shower curtain cannot be installed in the ceiling. It is made be installed in the shower wall brackets.

What is the standard measurement from a finished wall to a bath tub drain?

15-16 inches from back wall. 8-10 inches from side wall tub drain is on. Measurements are to center of tub drain hole. Measurements are close, not exact, and are for a standard tub.

When water drains out of the shower bathtub why do you hear a really loud ping ping ping noise in the wall across from the shower bathtub as it goes down the drain fast at first slower as it empties?

You are probably hearing the hot water hitting the cold pipe which causes expansion thus the pinging sound. Drain speed could probably be clogged vent stacks try cleaning them out.

If a grasshopper halves the distance to a wall on every jump, how many jumps will he need to reach the wall if he starts from ten feet away?

he will never reach the wall

What is the difference of a gully trap drain from a floor drain?

The difference between a gully trap drain and a floor drain is placement. A floor drain is in a floor, a gully trap drain goes on an external wall.

Leak behind the shower wall Can a worn out shower valve cause this?

try replacing o ring on spindle

How do i Update moen shower valve?

Cut out the drywall in the wall behind the shower. Replace the valve. Patch the drywall.