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Alaska borders Canada.


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Alaska is actually not that far from Canada, their right beside each other.

Alaska borders Canada, so I suppose it really depends on how far into Alaska you are.

They share a common border.

Alaska borders the far northwest of Canada.

Pryor is exactly 2956 miles away from Alaska or 4756.2 kilometers.

It is very far away from the equator.

it is 50 miles and 80 kilometers

Alaska is not north of Canada. However, Alaska is bordering the northwest of Canada.

Far from it. The province of Nunavut is larger than Alaska and Canada is larger than the United States. It has a total area of 3,854,085 square miles.

Yes you do, but only if you are determined to drive because it can be reached by Sea and Air. Alaska is on the far northwest of Canada and if you go to the map you can tell.

it is about 4hrs and 12min away when flying with air canada

It is 3763 air miles from Canada to Sweden

no its far away over 2500 miles

You cannot get to Canada from Norway by truck alone.

Just the length of the car - Canada and Alasaka are next to each other. Check it on a map.

How far is it from Benito Manitoba Canada to Anchorage Alaska USA

Alaska and Hawaii are shown on an inset map because they are too far away. Most maps try to show things to scale and both are far away.

All American States are below Canada. Alaska is the only State that is as far north as Canada and that is all the way to the North Pole.

No, Alaska is part of the United States. Canada borders Alaska to Alaska's east.

anchorage is in Alaska and ALASKA is next to Canada so the answer is Canada anchorage is in Alaska and ALASKA is next to Canada so the answer is Canada

it is far away from the equator

Canada to the east and a maritime border with Russia to the west.Canada surrounds Alaska

It is 3,865.40 miles according to MapQuest.

No, Canada did not own Alaska.

Alaska is the western border for much of Canada.

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