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How far away is a twelve and under softball pitching mound?


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From homeplate to the pitchers mound is 40ft.


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what is the pitching distance for ten and under softball?

It is 40 feet from the pitcher's mound to home plate.

the distane from home plate to the pichers mound in 15 year old softball is 40 feet

For slow pitch softball, the mound is 50 feet from home plate for men, women, and girls. For boys under 18 it's 43 feet, and for boys under 15 it's 46 feet.

elementary softball, I'm not sure about, but i can answer in age groups... under 16s and above is 43 feet, under 14s is 38, and under 12s is 35. hope this helps :)

For boys under 15 the pitcher's mound is 46 feet from home plate. For girls, it's forty feet for fast pitch and fifty feet for slow pitch.

12,16,18 and under play from 40 feet and 10 years and under play from 35 feet

35 feet from the the tip of home plate to the front edge of the pitching rubber.

The length from homeplate to the pitcher's mound in 10U fast-pitch is 35-40 feet. It depends on your league.

43 feet in college and professional leagues, 40 in 12 and under through high school, 35 feet in ten and under ball.

10 and under is 35 feet. 12u is 40 feet. All others are 43 feet.

for 10 and under its 35 feet. In twelve and under its 40 feet. In high school its 43 feet.

43 feet for 13 and up. 40 feet for 11 and 12. 35 feet for 10 and under.

Although the distance may vary between leagues and associations, the pitching distance in 10 and under modified or fastpitch softball is usually accepted to be 35 feet. This distance has changed in some national associations over the past few years, and you may find anything from 34-36 feet. This is measured from the back point of the WHITE part of homeplate (not the black part) to the front-middle of the pitching rubber.

12 inch ball for softball in age groups 16 and under

It all depends on the age of the girls playing. Usually, girls 10 and under pitch from 35 feet. Girls under 16 typically throw from 40 feet. What used to be just college and high-level travel ball is now coming to 16 year olds - 43 foot pitching distance.

40 feet! I'm a pitcher in softball, exect it's fast pitch so slow pitch may be at 30 feet. I cant remeber! But I'm preety sure!

In fast-pitch softball, it's 46 feet for men and 43 feet for women and everyone under 18 years of age.

The distance depends on the age. 13 and older is 43 feet. 11 and 12 is 40 feet and 10 and under is 35 feet.

no. different sized balls and bats field differences under hand pitching motion and all dirt infields

There are several skills in softball....The general ones are catching and throwing, fielding, batting, base runnning....the specialized one is pitching. Under the general skills there are skills you have to learn as well like bunting, stealing...etc

There are different standards depending on age, gender, and type of pitch: Male: * Under 15: 46 feet * Under 18: 43 feet * College & Adult: 50 feet Female: * All ages: 50 feet Male: * All ages: 46 feet Female: * Under 18: 40 feet * College & Adult: 43 feet

It is 60 feet from home to first on a softball field. It is the same distance between all the bases, for a total of 240 feet. The pitcher's mound is 40 to 43 feet way depending on the level of competition. The depth of the outfield varies from field to field.

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