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Q: How far away is rigel away from earth?
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How far is rigel in light years?

Rigel is approx 860 ly away.

How far away is the sun from Rigel?

It is 260 +/- 20 parsecs away.

Is Uranus farther away from earth than the star Rigel?

No. Rigel is much farther away than Uranus. Uranus is in our Solar System.

How far was the rigel to the earth?

Approx 260 +/- 20 parsecs.

Is the rigel star moving toward or away from the earth?

Away, at around 18 km/s.

Does Rigel have sunspots?

It probably does, but it is too far away for our telescopes to see that level of detail.

How many miles does Rigel is away from Earth?

Distances between stars are not measured in miles: that is like measuring the distance from the Earth to the Sun in thousandths of an inch! However, since you asked, Rigel is approx 5 quadrillion miles away.

What distance is rigel have?

Rigel is 260 +/-20 parsecs away.

Why does Rigel not look as bright as Sirius?

Because Rigel is much farther away. Rigel is 770 light-years away, and Sirius is only 8.6 light-years away.

How many light years is rigel?

Rigel is 860 +/- 80 ly away.

Is rigel the closest to Polaris the North star?

No. Rigel is in Orion is is pretty far from Polaris.

How many normal years is Rigel from Earth?

"Normal Years" is a measure of time. "Rigel from Earth" is a measure of distance. There is no answer to this question.