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Somewhere upwards of about 30AU from the Sun. It's important to note that the "Kuiper Belt" is a THEORETICAL area; because it is so far away (and the objects suspected to exist there are so small) very few "Kuiper Belt Objects" have actually been identified. We'll actually have to go out there and look for them.

This is similar to the "Oort Cloud"; we've never detected an object in the Oort Cloud. We know that there has to be some sort of region, quite distant from the Sun, that acts as a reservoir for comets, because no comet could survive even 100 million years of close approaches to the Sun. And since the Sun is 4.5 billion years old AND we keep detecting new comets, they clearly are coming from SOMEWHERE.

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How far is the Kuiper Belt from Earth?

21 trillion AU

Is the kuiper belt hotter or colder than the earth?

It is far colder than Earth. The Kuiper Belt is very far from the warming influence of the sun. Subatnce that are normally gasses for us such as carbon diozixe and methane are frozen solid in the Kuiper Belt.

How far is Eris away from Earth?

Eris is in the Kuiper Belt (like Pluto) and is 96.6AU away. (1AU=93 Million Miles and is the average distance from the Earth to the Sun)

Why is the kuiper belt not visited?

It's too far away. The Kuiper Belt is beyond the orbit of even Pluto, much farther away than we can send people to for a while; too far even for robot probes to go, yet.

What do the kuiper belt and Pluto have in common?

I don't now a lot about this, but they are very cold and far away from the sun.

How long to the kuiper belt?

The Kuiper Belt orbit the sun from 30 to 50 AU. Some claim that it may go out as far as 100 AU. AU = (average distance from earth to the sun)

Between what planets is the kuiper belt located?

The Kuiper belt is not between any planets. It is far beyond the orbits of Neptune and Pluto.

How long is a day on the kuiper belt?

The Kuiper Belt is so far from the Sun that the idea of "day" has no meaning there. The Sun is merely the brightest star.

How far away is the kuiper belt?

50 AU (astronomical unit) from the Sun.AU is a unit of length equal to about 149,597,870.7 kilometres (92,955,807.3 mi) or approximately the mean Earth-Sun distance.

How far is the Kuiper belt?

30-50 AU from the Sun

How far is the farthest planet in the kuiper belt?

50 AU

Why is it difficult to find concrete details about kuiper belt objects?

Those objects are far away, so not much information is known about them.

What are the two dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt?

The two that have been identified and named are Eris and Sedna, although Pluto arguably belongs in the "Kuiper belt" category as well. However, there are certainly hundreds, more likely millions of similar objects that are still just a little too far away to be detected by our terrestrial telescopes. Edit: I think the correct answer is : Haumea and Makemake. Also I would definitely say Pluto is in the Kuiper Belt. So that's three Dwarf Planets in the Kuiper Belt. Eris is a "Scattered Disc Object", but some astronomers consider it as a Kuiper Belt Object too. Sedna, as far as I know, has not yet been classified as a Dwarf Planet.

How far away Pluto planet?

Pluto is now considered to be a dwarf planet and is found in the Kuiper Belt.It is 4.67 billion miles away from the Earth and was discovered in 1930.

How far away is the whole solar system away from the sun?

The solar system is an entity which comprises:-the SunThe planetsThe asteroidsThe Kuiper beltthe Oort cloudand the commentsAs it contains the Sun it CANNOT BE far away form the Sun, your question is pure nonsense.

What are the 2 reasons why Pluto was demoted from planet status to dwarf planet status?

The main reason is that it is so far away from the Sun, that it is considered part of the Kuiper belt - not the solar system. There are similar sized objects to Pluto in the Kuiper belt system, and thus Pluto was 'demoted' to dwarf planet status.

The Oort Cloud is believed to be?

a spherical cloud of cometary nuclei far beyond the Kuiper Belt

How far is the Kuiper belt from the sun in km?

It extends from roughly 4.4 to 7.4 billion kilometers from the Sun.

Where can you find the kuiper belt?

The Kuiper belt is far out beyond the orbit of Neptune, our solar systems farthest Major Planet and are between 30 and 55 AU from the sun. Pluto is sometimes referred to a Kuiper belt object, as are some of the other minor planets in this region of space. The Kuiper belt is a bit like the asteroid belt, in that the objects are in orbit around the sun, but its much larger and the objects are composed largely of frozen volatiles (termed "ices"), such as methane, ammonia and water.

What three facts made Pluto to difficult to find?

It's very smallIt's very far awayIt's located in the Kuiper Belt among thousands of other objects

Where is Pluto located in the solar system?

It's far away from the Sun (30 to 49 AU or 4.4 to 7.4 thousand million kilometres), usually further out than Neptune, in the Kuiper belt.

What is a dwarf planet with two moons?

As far as we know Haumea in the Kuiper belt has two moons, Hi'aka and Namaka.

Large group of comets beyond Pluto's orbit?

The Kuiper Belt, a theorized area far beyond Neptune. There are actually two "shells" of debris around the Solar System. The Kuiper Belt is beyond Neptune, and the Oort Cloud is believed to be beyond that.

What objects are found in the Kuiper Belt?

The Kuiper Belt is a region beyond Neptune in which an assortment of the solar system's refuse from planet-making orbits the sun. This includes ice, dust, and gas, along with much larger objects like asteroids and comets. The Kuiper Belt is believed to be the the source of many short-period comets, which are comets that quickly orbit the sun. One important element of the Kuiper Belt is that it also contains much larger objects like minor planets and large asteroids. Pluto is one such minor planet, currently considered the largest body in the Kuiper Belt and by far the best-known.

How far in astronomical units is the Kuiper belt from the sun?

It is about 30 AU from the Sun, starting somewhere near the orbit of Neptune.

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