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In excess of one mile

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Q: How far can a 22 bullet travel?
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How far will 22 rifile travel?

If you are asking how far a 22 LR bullet will travel, about 1.5 miles.

How far can a 22 caliber bullet travel before the bullet starts to drop?

as far as it wants

How far will a 22 cb bullet travel?

1223 feet

How far can a 22 caliber bullet travel?

Up to a mile or so.

How far 380 caliber bullet can travel?

how far does 380 bullet travel

How far will 22 cal bullet travel and will it have any power?

Over a mile, yes

How far can a 22 rifle shoot?

Accurately? About 100-150 yards. How far can the bullet travel? About 1.5 miles.

How far will a 22 caliber bullet travel?

Unimpeded, a .22LR caliber bullet can travel up to 2000 yards. Its effective distance is, of course, much shorter than that.

How far will a 22 bullet travel when fired?

200 yards straight, 2 miles at an angle.

How far can a 22 caliber rimfire loong rifle bullet travel?

Not quite 2 miles.

If shot in the back how far can a 22caliber bullet travel?

I don't understand the question. Were you shot in the back with a .22 and wonder how far it could have gone?

How far can a bullet from a 22 caliber hand gun travel?

About 1 mile, when fired at a 45 degree angle.

How far a 22-250 bullet will travel?

A bit over 2 miles, depending on the bullet used and the load. This is the maximum range, not the maximum ACCURATE range.

How far can a 22 caliber rifle bullet travel accurately?

From competitive shooting experience the longest distance is 200 yds with a .22 Long Rifle cartridge.

How far will a 22 caliber rifle shoot?

Accurately? About 100-150 yards. How far can the bullet travel? Fired at a 34 degree angle, about a mile and a half. No accuracy, just total possible travel.

How far will a 50 BMG bullet travel?

far enough to change the outcome...

How far does a pistol bullet go?

300 yards A pistol bullet can travel much further than 300 yards. On average, a pistol bullet can travel about a mile.

How far will a 9mm bullet travel before it begins to fall?

A 9mm bullet will travel approximately 2200 meters before it begins to descend to the ground. However, unless the person shooting the gun is in a open field, the bullet will not travel that far before hitting something.

How far will a 17 hmr bullet travel?

About 1 mile

How far can a 303 bullet travel?

Well in excess of a mile.

How far will a .243 caliber rifle bullet travel?

the 308 bullet can travel 2km to 25km depending on the gravity pull of the earth

How far can a rifle bullet go?

it depends on what size of a bullet you use because some can travel miles

How far will a 303 calibre bullet travel?

The bullet itself is capable of traveling over 4 kilometres.

How far can a 12gadje bullet travel?

Are you interested in knowing how far a 12 gauge slug will travel, or are you looking for the distance various loads of shot will travel?

Will a 22 caliber bullet travel father than a 45 caliber bullet fired from a handgun?

If you mean "farther" yes, generally speaking, a .22 will travel further than a .45. The .45 is a much heavier bullet and loses velocity at a faster rate.