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Q: How far can a German seepherd hear?
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How far do German Shepherds hear from?

about 500 feet

How far away can a German shepherd hear?

Possibly up to a mile or two away.

How do you say hear in German?

Hear is hören in German.

What is hear in German?

hören; to hear

How can bunnies hear?

They can hear very far. Bunnies as you know have long ears witch help them hear far..very far.

How far can zebra hear?

1 kilometer

How far can golden retrievers hear?


How far can a Jack rabbit hear?

how long can a jack rabbit hear ?

What is the movie title 'Did You Hear About the Morgans' in German?

Haben Sie das von den Morgans gehört? is a German equivalent of the title to the movie 'Did You Hear About the Morgans?'

How do you say ericka in German?

Ericka in German is pronounced the same as Erica. But if you hear a german say it then they might put emphasis on the 'r'. :)

Which German-composer said 'I shall hear in heaven'?


How do you say 'Good to hear' in German?

Gut zu hören