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A budgie is a type of parakeet. The bird can fly outside of its cage. Typically, they can fly up to 25 kilometers.

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2014-08-26 16:21:49
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2020-12-03 19:51:27

2500 kilometres

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Q: How far can a budgie fly?
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Can a budgie fly without tail feathers?


What is a disease carrying fly called?

Kaffir budgie

Why does your budgie fly on to your head?

It is a good place to land.

Do budgie's need to fly everyday?

yes to exercise their wings

Can a budgie fly faster than a cockatiel?

They are about the same speed.

How the wings make a budgie fly?

The bones are hollow and make the bird light and he can fly by flapping his wings.

Can your budgie still fly with out her tail feathers?

yes because even they dont have budgie they still run and takeover #Bobo Girl =PP

Your budgie keeps flapping but is clinging on to the cage?

Your budgie is trying to exercise. He cannot fly properly, but if he grips the cage and flaps his wings, he is getting some of the exercise he craves. Just because the bird seems to want to fly, do not allow it to. A budgie on the loose in a house is a recipe for disaster for the bird.

How fast is a budgie?

A budgie or a parakeet is not considered to be an extremely fast bird. They are noted to fly at about 25 to about 30 miles per hour at their very top speed.

How long until a baby budgie can fly?

Usually until it gets all of its feathers.

Can a budgie soar without flapping?

Budgies do not soar. They fly, and to do so, they must flap their wings.

Is it good to have a budgie inside with lights on inside?

A budgie inside its cage in the house should be covered up in the evening so that the conditions reflect its normal cycle of daytime-night time. A budgie should not be permitted to fly freely around the house with the lights on.

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