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They don't swim outside the body.

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Q: How far can sperm swim outside of the body?
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What organelle do you expect the sperm to have in abundance?

Mitochondria. It takes a lot of energy to swim as far as they have to.

Does the sperm have to be all the way in the vagina to get pregnant?

Not only in the vagina but it has to swim up to meet the egg far up inside the woman.

How far can sperm cells travel?

well outside of the body not far at all unless you physically put them there, they will die after 12 hours for sure and you have to physically insert it into you to get pregnant so you can't get pregnant from a toilet seat or if some gets on your leg,

How far did you swim?

It really depends on what kind of a swimmer you are. If you can swim really well, you can probably swim really far. If you can't swim at all, you won't swim very far. I hope this answers your question.

How far do jellyfish swim?

they swim as long as they can

When the sperm meeets the egg can I feel this in my stomach?

No. You do not have feeling that far into your body. You cannot feel sperm fertilizing an egg. ************* Also, this does not occur in your stomach.

How far can a tiger swim?

we don't know yet how far a tiger can swim

How far can a blue whale swim in a year?

As far as a blue whale can swim in a year

Can the brain work outside the body?

No. Technologie is far from being able to maintain the brain without the body.

How deep does his penis have to go in to get pregnant?

If sperm are present, then penis does not have to go far in at all.The sperm would just think "Bahh... extra work for me but I'll show them."Never underestimate the sperm. These "buggers" are known to be able to do the unthinkable. They do however not jump. only swim.

How far can sharks swim?

they can swim as much as they can but they also do get tired

How far can ducks swim?

why do ducks swim together in lines

How far or long could a pigeon swim?

a pigeon cannot swim very far it can swim approximately 20m for approximately 30 seconds (I think) :)

How do you sperm far?

you ejaculate not sperm...sperm are the little swimmers in semen that fertilize the egg.

How far can a penguin swim?

A penguin can swim 3-6 miles

How do seals swim away from its predator?

they swim deeply and far away.

How far can a horse swim?

Horses can swim well, but if they are not fit, they will not be able to swim far. The distance and length of time also depends on whether or not they have a rider on their back.

Can Sperm Come out During Mastervation?

If you are male and masturbate to the point of ejaculation, and if your body has progressed far enough into puberty, then yes, it is likely that semen, which contains sperm will come out of your penis.

Does the body produce as much sperm as needed?

A healthy male produces far more sperm than needed: 100 million or so per ejaculation, when it only takes one sperm to fertilize a woman's egg.

How far do seahorses swim from their habitat?

not far from its normal habitat

How far can a Portuguese water dog swim?

As far as it needs to

How far down can a dolphin swim?

as far as a elephant can run

How does a sperm get from the oviduct to the uterus?

You have the anatomy backwards. Sperm enters the body in the vagina, then travels through the cervix to the uterus and (if they make it that far) to the oviduct (or fallopian tubes). So sperm would not travel FROM the oviduct TO the uterus because that would mean the sperm would need to start their journey at the wrong end of the anatomy. Sperm travel by means of a whip-like tail called a flagellum. Under a microscope, sperm cells look like little tadpoles wiggling their flagellum to propel themselves forward. So, basically, they swim in the seminal and vaginal fluids.

How far can a whale shark swim in one day?

swim 3 miles

How far can seals swim without touching land?

They can swim up to about 50km.