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The normal distance to stand is 7 feet, 9 1/4 inches. That is about 2.37m. If you are new to dart throwing, you can always stand closer until you become more comfortable.

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How far do you stand from the dart board when throwing darts for children?

It depends. Stand them really close if u want then to make a mark in the wall and stand them rather far to save a few bucks. Warning: Kids might get annoyed if they have to stand far away and miss the dart board a multiple of times.

What do you aim the darts at?

The Dart Board.

Facilities and equipments of dart?

Facilities for darts are in may bars, pubs and clubs and there is 7-feet between the dart board and the toe line. The equipment needed for darts includes a numbered dart board and darts.

What is the 2 basic equipment in playing darts?

dart board and darts

How big is a dart board?


When do you see numbers in darts?

Around the edge of the dart-board !

What can one do with a magnetic dart board?

A magnetic dart board can be used for playing darts. The advantage of this is that it is safer because magnets are used instead of the sharp points on ordinary darts. This also means that the darts will usually stay on the board rather than falling to the floor if the board is missed.

What is is the smallest number that cannot be scored with 2 darts?

The smallest positive number of whole points that a player can score by throwing no more than two darts at a standard dart board is 103. Every lesser value can be made with one or two darts.

What is the nature of the dart game?

There are many different games you can play with darts. The emphasis is on throwing them accurately.

Is dart board a physical activity?

yes, Because technically you are physically throwing the dart.

What is the Position of a dart board?

The Bullseye must be exactly 5 feet 8 inches from the floor and the toe line (where you stand to throw the darts) is 7 feet 9 and 1/4 inches from the board. Also see

What score is treble tops in darts?

60, the highest single-dart score on the board

What is the professional weight for a dart?

a profesional dart can be up to 30 lbs Edit: Assuming you are talking about the dart board game, the professionals on average use from 18 to 23 gram darts. Some use lighter and some use heavier. I use 26 gram darts as does Phil Taylor. It all comes down to what you're comfortable with. So, if this is for the dart board game, there is no such thing as 30lb darts.

How far do you have to stand from a dart board?


What do you do with new darts on cryptids island?

The darts of better quality will make it easier to aim at the board, but don't affect the mechanics of throwing them. Aim at the board, then click to mark your aiming point (X). Hold down your mouse button as you pull back (dart moves down), then release it to throw. The proper drawback is about halfway to the lower edge of the board, but it can vary.

How many ways to make 50 using 3 darts on a dart board?

Why don't you figure it out.

Where can you buy darts for a dart board?

I have seen them at Walmart and Kmart. Or if you are not in the U.S. you can buy them online on amazon.

How do you play darts to get the pennywhistle with the guys on cryptids on poptropica?

You pick a spot on the dart board and pull back, still holding the dart and relese

How many points does a darts player score from throwing three dart into the small ring surrounding the bulls eye?


Regulation dart board height?

The common US distance from throw line to face of board for soft tip darts is 8 feet. 7'-9.25 inches is for steel tip darts.

Mindy scored 100 points on the dart board how many darts did she throw and where did hey land?


What do you use to clean a dart board so that the darts stick better?

wipe it with glue and they will stick better.

How many muscle do you use for darts?

As few as you can. You don't want anything other than your throwing arm moving when you're throwing a dart. The more parts of you that move during a throw, the more vectors are added to the equation of where the dart is going to go.

What is a shaped tapered dart?

The most common usage of the term is in garment making; it is a tool used to shape material. Various wedges and shaping tools are used when creating new patterns and they are typically named for the shape they resemble. In dart throwing it is a dart that has been shaped with a tapered end; though since the tapered end shape is fairly common for throwing darts they are usually just called darts.

In darts how close do men stand from the dart board?

Standard height from the floor to the bullseye on the dartboard is 5 feet 8 inches, while the oche (distance between the front of the board and the toeline) should measure 7 feet 9.25inches.