Darts (game)

Ask about anything darts-related, including rules, strategy, leagues or tournaments in your area, or the greats of the sport, including Lowe, Bristow, Taylor and Barneveld.

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Darts (game)

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Darts (game)

How high does the dart board go?

The bull's eye is supposed to be at 5' 6".

Sorry. Wrong. Bullseye height is 5' 8", NOT 5' 6"

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Darts (game)

How can you be a member in woozworld to be a vip for free?

It seems like you are like a kid wants a membership without his parents paying. Well, impossible. You will need to pay to become a vip, there is no way to get a free vip.

Darts (game)

What skills you need to play darts?

Darts is a mental game. You need a lot of patience, and practice to play darts.

Darts (game)

How far do you stand from the dart board when throwing darts?

The normal distance to stand is 7 feet, 9 1/4 inches. That is about 2.37m. If you are new to dart throwing, you can always stand closer until you become more comfortable.

Darts (game)

What number is at 6 o'clock on a dart board?

Number 3

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Darts (game)

What is the regulation height of a dart board?

The height of a regulation dartboard is 5'8" from the center of the bullseye to the floor, with a toe line at 7' 9.5" inches from the front of the board for steel tip darts.

Darts (game)

How many scores are possible on a dart board using 3 darts?

180; get three triples on 20

170 to treble 20's and Bull

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Darts (game)

What is the song used in the world darts championship?

The song used after many darts games is 'Planet Funk' - 'Chase The Sun'

Darts (game)

What is the highest possible score from a single throw in darts?


Darts (game)

What is 3 darts average for pro dart players?

Professional darts players would average between 90-105 in high level matches. Phil Taylor did a 118.45 in the 2009 European Championship against Gary Anderson. Obviously the length of the match dictates the averages.

Darts (game)

What number is the 9 o'clock position an a dart board?


Darts (game)

What number is opposite 16 on a dartboard?


Darts (game)

What is the highest checkout score in darts?


Triple 20 (60) x 2 = 120

+ Bullseye (50) = 170

Darts (game)

What is the highest score in a dart board?


Darts (game)

What is the center of a dart board called?

Bull's Eye

Darts (game)

How many points win in darts?

It depends what particular game of darts you are playing there are many.

In championship darts the player who scores exactly 501 first is the winner.

Darts (game)

What does Phil Taylor do with the dart board he takes from his matches?

He gives it to someone in the audience.

Source: The Power Shop

Darts (game)

Why do dart boards have cracks in them?

Quality dart boards are made out of horse hair, the resin is put in to hold it together, this is what makes the cracks you see.

Darts (game)

Darts maximum check out score?

The biggest check out in darts is 170, two treble twenties and the bull.

Darts (game)

How old do you have to be to go to darts?

i think its ok to play over the 7 as long as their supervised

Darts (game)

Is it safe to hunt with Aconitum tipped blowgun darts?

No it is not. the hunters fromnep al tell us that the musk deer that they hunt with the poison tipped darts is unsafe to eat but is only hunted for their furr and bones. i hope this helps you from making some sort of fatal error kid:) be safe

Darts (game)

What is the total score on a dart board if you add every section on the dart board?

Is the answer not 1,545?

I see the top answer states 1,335 and understand the workings but this doesn't include "every section" (which the questions asks) as there are actually two single sections for each number on a board i.e. working from outside in, for each number there is a double, a single, a triple and another single before you reach the outer bull.

Therefore, add another 210 to the 1,335 to get 1,545.

Darts (game)

On a standard dart board which is the lowest score you cannot get with 2 darts?

121 is wrong. It is not possible to get 119 with two darts so how can 121 be the lowest score you cannot get with two darts. A lot of people think it's 99 due to the fact that it's the lowest number for which you need 3 darts to finish. But they forget that a treble is allowed for the 2nd dart. (99 = T19,T14)

Also 101 = Bull + Treble 17

The answer is 103.

Darts (game)

What is a bust in darts?

A bust, which is called a burst in Europe, is throwing more than you need to complete an '01 game. It's also called a bust when you throw exactly the points that you need, but your last dart was not a double (I'm referring to real darts; you do not need to double-out in soft-tip darts). Leaving yourself one point is also a bust since there is no way to set up for a double-out from one point.

When you bust, your score remains what it was before you began your turn, and the next player is up. If you're counting darts for statistics, the turn in which you busted counts as three darts no matter how many darts you actually threw before you busted.


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