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turn out plug enough to let coolant run out. if plug comes out, it will go back in.

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Q: How far do you turn the drain plug out on the radiator?
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How do you get to drain plug on radiator for 98 intrigue?

Accessing Drain Plug on RadiatorThe proper name for the radiator drain plug is "petcock". It's located at the bottom of the unit on the driver side. It's plastic, take's a 1/4" square or an Allen to turn, turn a 1/4 turn then pulls (not easily) straight out. Oring seal, probably should replace that. Careful going back in, the guide pin broke on me trying to turn it a little too far.

Where is the drain plug for the radiator on a 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo?

Should be on the drivers side, bottom far left.

Where is the valve for emptying the radiator on a 1990 Chevy Cavalier Z24 I can't find it anywhere?

radiator drain for z24 Chevy cavilierI have the same car. My drain is as I face front of car, it is a black knob at the very bottom left side of radiator. Reach hand far down with pliers and turn toward the firewall.

Where is the Radiator drain Plug for a 2005 GMC Sierra 1500 with a 4.3L V6 vortec engine?

At the very bottom on the far left side (driver) you have to crawl under the truck to find it

How do you drain oil from 1942 harley wla transmission?

there is no drain plug ,undo the fill plug andlean te bike on its side ,i know it sounds far fetched but its true

Where is the coolant drain plug on the engine block of a 1997 Honda Accord LX 4-cylinder?

The Coolant Drain Plug for a 1997 Honda Accord LX 4cyl is at the bottom of the Radiator on the left side, if you were facing the Vechiel. It if stock it looks like a Black Medal Wingnut, unless different Drain Plug was put in by previous Owner. The block drain is an 8mm plug next to the oil filer on a 94 Accord LX 2.2L. 94-97 might be the same. There is a 10mm plug near the oil filter also, but it contains oil... I know. I have tried to remove my coolant block drain plug but without success so far... It is torqued! hw

Where is the coolant drain plug in a 94 Chrysler Concorde?

It's where you'd expect, at the bottom of the radiator in a corner. On the engine side of the radiator. It unscrews counter-clockwise, same as a bolt. However, there are supports in the way with only a small access hole, and the drain fitting is made of plastic, easily broken. Replacement fittings are available, but it's a hassle. It might be far easier to just remove the lower radiator hose.

How do you remove radiator drain plug 1998 Chevy Malibu?

I don't think it's possible One of those things that are pressed in and aren't supposed to be removed. But I would try to unscrew it as far as you can. Then try to pull it straight out.

Do you have to drain radiator to replace a thermostat on a 1999 grand am?

Just an inch or so, as far as the top hose is all.

How do you find the torque converter drain plug in a 1993 ford crown Victoria?

Sorry, as far as I know there is no drain plug for the converter. According to the service manual, the drain plug is located on the converter assembly. Just looked at my spare transmission from the 93 Grand Marquis and I can see the plug on the converter assembly. Turning the assembly will rotate the drain plug to the converter housing access plug which is visible from under the vehicle. Hope this helps.

Where is the drain plug on a 1999 Chevy Venture mini-van?

Drain plug for coolant is at the lower left corner of the radiator, facing backward toward the engine. The area is almost inaccessible to ordinary tools due to the cross-car beam immediately behind it, air conditioning piping nearby and the lip of the radiator retainer structure that is part of the front assembly (known in the industry as a grille opening reinforcement, or GOR). The plug is a small plastic insert with a flat tab. Be wary of this! The plugs often seize and the tab can be broken off far too easily. Some shade-tree mechanics avoid messing with the drain plugs at all, preferring to remove the lower radiator hose instead.

Where is the oil drain plug for Briggs and Stratton 4HP engine?

Far easier to drain old oil through filler tube, remember to always keep cylinder head [spark plug end] pointing up when tipping mower.

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