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Sorry, you need to specify WHICH .308 bullet and at what distance. As distance increases, the RATE of drop also increases.

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Q: How far does a 308 bullet drop per distance?
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How far can a 308 bullet travel?


How far can a 308 caliber bullet travel?

About 3,400 yards.

How far can a 308 caliber rifle bullet travel?

About 3,400 yards.

How far will a 150 grain bullet shoot from a 308 without dropping?

A 150 grain bullet shot from a 308 will start dropping the fraction of a second it leaves the barrel.

How far can a 22 caliber bullet travel before the bullet starts to drop?

as far as it wants

How far does a bullet drop?

ALL bullets fall at 32 ft per second per second. When you fire a gun, the bullet begins to drop as it leaves the barrel, To hit things further away, you aim higher. You can try this with a garden hose. Over a given distance, the bullet that will drop the least is the fastest- it simply gets there quicker, and has not had time to fall as far.

How much will a 300 bullet drop at 500 yards?

That is going to vary based on what kind of "300" you are using, what the type and weight of the bullet is, what your initial velocity is, and at what distance you are sighted in for your far zero.

How far does a .50 Bullet drop?

To the ground.

How far will a 30-30 bullet fall?

It depends on how high you are when you drop it.

How far does a bullet drop at 1000 yards?

There is no one answer, since there is no one bullet. The drop of a bullet is a function of the speed- how long it took to get to 1000 yards. Some bullets will not TRAVEL 1000 yards. All other things being equal, the faster bullet will drop less.

How far of a distance was the bullet shot at martin?

15 feet

How far is the firing distance range of Beretta caliber 9mm bullet?

A bullet from a handgun can travel, on average, about a mile.