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It's approximately (3,963)miles down to the earths core.

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Q: How far down is the earths core?
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How far is the mantle away from the crust of the earth?

The mantle is located between the earths core and crust. The mantle is estimated to be about 1,800 miles or 2,896.8 kilometers down from the earths crust.

How fast is the earth's core slowing down?

The Earths core is defiantly slowing down but by how much? The Earths rotation speed has slowed by 2 milliseconds since 1820

Do continents drift slowly on earths upper mantle or earths core?

Continents drift on top of the upper mantle. The core is much further down.

How far beneath the surface is the Earths core?

To be precise, there is actually an outer core and an inner core. You can find the details in the Wikipedia article "Structure of the Earth".

Which is hotter the inner core or the outter core?

the earths core is the hottest part of the earth. the metals in the earths outer core is liquid because of the heat and the metals in the earths core is solid but still the earths core is the hottest

How deep is a viginia?

Virginia goes all the way down to the earths core

The possible source of earths magnetic core is?

The molten iron and medals inside the earths core are the reasons for the earths magnetic core.

What are the result of heating up the earths core?

this question may actually end humanity because then the lava and stuff that's down there will get hotter and hotter and eventually break through earths crust causing... as far as i know volcano eruptions maybe earthquakes

How is gravity related to earth's interior?

well...G force depends on how far away you are from the earths core because of the iron in the core which causes gravity amonolies!

Can anything or anybody live in a volcano?

if its dormant yes if its acitive no there will always be lava or molton rock in a volcano as long as its active volcanoes tubes lead to the earths core however its too hot to go that far down

Is there a bunny in the earths core?

no it is not true. there is solid iron and nickel in the Earths core

Is the earths iner core a solid or liquid?

earths inner core is a liquid

Facts about the earths core?

The earths core is mainly made out of iron, mixed with a littel nickel. The outer core is liquidand the inner core is soild.

Where is old seafloor destroyed?

The sea floor is pushed down into the earths core for it to become new again

When standing at sea level which are you nearer to the earths core or the Moon's surface?

Earths core

Are you closer to the earths core or moons surface when standing at sea level?

The Earths core.

When standing at sea level are you closer to the moon surface or earths core?

earths core

Can global warming be cause from the earths core?

No the earths core is not a cause of globel worming

What is the earths outer core made of?

The earths outer core is made of iron liquid

Can people get to your core?

no people cant get to it because its to far down

Does oil cool the earths core?

Oil does not cool the Earth's core as it is located far away from the core and would simply burn up due to the sheer heat. The Earth's core is made of molten metal which keeps a relatively constant temperature.

Can you get closer to the sun or the earths core?

You are already closer to the earths core than you will ever be able to get to the sun

What happens to the pressure as you move from the earths surface to the core?

What happens to the pressure as you move from the earths surface to the core

Is Earth's inner core surrounded by a liquid outer core?

Yes earths inner core is a dense ball of metal earths outer core is a layer of molten (melted) metal

What Extends from earths core to earths crusts?

idek what 2 say???