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I'm pretty sure the farthest hole dug into the earth was 12 km.

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How far deep can you dig earth?

65metre as far as you want.... but you will proberbly die!

How far do scientists think they can dig into the earth?

As deep as without digging as far as were the Malta is (:

When was the spade invented?

When someone wanted to dig into hard earth.

Is a person able to dig a hole to the sun?

No because the sun is in space. It is illogical for a person to dig far down in the Earth and get to the sun. So there you have my dear friend.

What does it mean to dig someone?

To dig someone is to like them or something that person does.

How deep is the average American grave?

6 feet. unless you murder someone and are to lazy to dig that far.

What were they digging for when they dug the deepest mine on earth?

I believe they were digging to see just how far they could actually dig.

Why is it hard to study the structure of the earth?

wee cant dig into the earth very far or go there so we have to rely on indirect methods such as using seismic waves

Can someone dig the undertaker up?

Am sure that they can dig up, but are they willing to.

When was Dig - I Mother Earth album - created?

Dig - I Mother Earth album - was created on 1993-08-10.

Where can you find silicon in the earth?

In the mantle where you have to dig it out.

Does earth always have to be capitalized in a sentence?

No, not always. Earth as the planet, yes. "Go out and dig in the earth" no.

How do worms dig holes?

they are called detrivores because they are eating earth they dig until they make their home

To break up and move earth?

The actual answer is ' Dig'

How do squirrels obtain their food?

they dig to the center of the earth

Where do we find petroleum?

we find petroleum in the earth we dig for it

How do you get another dig if got rid of it on Pokemon emerald?

As far as I know the only way to get another dig is to trade for a Pokemon that is holding the TM dig or to get it from another version

Did Hitler get to the center of the earth?

Adolf Hitler never tried to dig to the center of the earth.

What is To dig someone in the ribs?

I think its when you elbow them in the ribs

How do you give someone a moat?

You dig and fill one for them

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