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The distance to Pluto varies enormously due to it's eccentric and highly inclined orbit. [See related link]

Also, not only does Pluto orbit the Sun but so does the Earth, so the distance between them can vary.

The minimum distance is 4.2 billion km or 0.000443949832 light years.

The maximum distance is 7.5 billion km or 0.000792767558 light years.

For sensible light measurements: Light minutes can be used.

  • Min: 233.5 minutes: Just under 4 light hours.
  • Max: 417 minutes: Almost 7 light hours.

Pluto varies in distance between 28 and 50 AU or between 0.00044 and 0.00079 light years.
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5 light years

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Q: How far in light years is Pluto from Earth?
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How far away is planet Pluto from planet Earth in light years?

Pluto is in the same light year as earth.

Has Pluto ever had light?

Yes. Pluto gets light from the sun, but far less than Earth does.

How far from earth in Pluto in light minutes?

It takes light from the sun about 318 minutes (a little over five hours) to reach Pluto. It takes sunlight about 8 minutes to reach earth, which means Pluto us about 310 light minutes from the Earth.

How far is Pluto from the sun in light years?

338 light minutes (Appox.)

How far is Pluto from Kepler 22b?

Kepler-22b is about 620 light years or about 3.6 quadrillion miles away. It works out to the same whether you use Pluto or Earth as a reference point, as our distance to Pluto is tiny compared with our distance to Kepler-22b.

Why is the distance from the sun and earth is measured by light minutes and the distance from the sun and Pluto is measured by light years?

There is nothing in our solar system far enough away from anything else in our solar system to be measured in light years. Light from the sun takes 340 minutes to reach Pluto, ie. 340 light minutes. Apart from the sun, the nearest star to us, Proxima Centauri, is 4.3 light years away.

How far is the Earth from Pluto?

Pluto is about 5,913 million km far from the sun (on average). Earth is about 150 million km far from the sun. Earth is about 5,763 million km far from Pluto. BUT PLUTO IS NOT PLANET ANYMORE

How far is Antares from earth in light years?

About 550 light-years.

How far away from earth is Pluto?

Pluto is about 3.6 Billion miles from Earth

How far is Rigel from Earth?

750 ~ 900 light years 773 light years from earth, per wikipedia.

What would happen if earth was as far away as Pluto?

One day on Pluto is roughly 6.4 Earth days. A year is about 248.5 Earth years. Earth will become like this Also very cold that cannot survive man

How far away is earth from Pluto?

Pluto is 10 billion miles away from Earth.

How far is the star Ascella from earth?

125 light years!!!!! Remember light years is the meausre of how far light travels in one year.

How far is Pluto from the solar system?

Pluto is about 40,000 light years away from our solar system. Rubbish. Pluto is part of the solar system, and was until recently regarded as a planet.

How far is wolf 359 from earth?

7.8 light years

How far is Pluto from Earth by rocket?

About ten years. The New Horizons space probe was launched towards Pluto in 2006 and is expected to get there in 2015. It experienced the fasted launch speed from earth ever, though is now still only about halfway to Pluto.

It takes 4.0 years for a light from a star to reach Earth How far away is this star from Earth?

4.0 light years away.

How far from the next nearest star is earth in light years?

Proxima Centauri. Around 4.243 light years away from Earth. You could have googled it.

How far is the star alkalurops from the earth?

102 light years from earth

How far is algenubi star from earth in light years?

250 light years, according to Wikipedia.

How far is it to the pleadies in light years?

The Pleadies star cluster is about 400 light years from Earth.

How far from Earth is the star Proxima Centauri in light years?

Approximately 4.2 light-years.

How far is Pluto from space?

Pluto is in space, just as the Earth is in space.

How far is Pluto from Earth in miles?

if my math is right Pluto is 2,907,000,000 miles . But it is not always that far because Pluto's orbit is in a oval shape.

How far the moon from Earth in light years?

The distance to the moon is about 1.3 light seconds or about 0.000000032 light years.