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How far in light years is Pluto from Earth?


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The distance to Pluto varies enormously due to it's eccentric and highly inclined orbit. [See related link]

Also, not only does Pluto orbit the Sun but so does the Earth, so the distance between them can vary.

The minimum distance is 4.2 billion km or 0.000443949832 light years.

The maximum distance is 7.5 billion km or 0.000792767558 light years.

For sensible light measurements: Light minutes can be used.

  • Min: 233.5 minutes: Just under 4 light hours.
  • Max: 417 minutes: Almost 7 light hours.

Pluto varies in distance between 28 and 50 AU or between 0.00044 and 0.00079 light years.

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5 light years


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Pluto is in the same light year as earth.

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Yes. Pluto gets light from the sun, but far less than Earth does.

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It takes light from the sun about 318 minutes (a little over five hours) to reach Pluto. It takes sunlight about 8 minutes to reach earth, which means Pluto us about 310 light minutes from the Earth.

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Pluto is about 5,913 million km far from the sun (on average). Earth is about 150 million km far from the sun. Earth is about 5,763 million km far from Pluto. BUT PLUTO IS NOT PLANET ANYMORE

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