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In all states is it allowed in the first trimester and after that is up to the individual states but they can never say no for health reasons. After week 24 it's premature birth.

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1 month

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Q: How far into the pregnancy are you allowed to abort?
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How far into pregnancy are you allowed to abort in Australia?

In the link below you can call and ask in the state you live in since the laws varies in the different territories. As far as I can find it's at least 20 weeks but the circumstances when a woman is allowed to abort differs.

What is a sentence with the word 'abort' in it?

You are not allowed to abort a baby in Ireland.

Is amoxicilin can abort baby?

No, amoxicillin is safe to use during pregnancy and does not abort a pregnancy.

After pregnancy test is positive can you abort the child?

A doctor have to determine how far along you are and what method to use but yes you can.

Can cortal can abort of 1 month pregnancy?

No aspirin will not make you abort.

Can cortal can abort 3 weeks pregnancy?

No Aspirin can not make you abort.

Does ampiclux abort pregnancy?

No it can not.

Does a panadol can abort pregnancy?


Can you abort 4wks pregnancy?

Yes you can.

Can dancing can abort early pregnancy?

No, exercise is even beneficial in pregnancy.

How much does it cost on average to abort a child in the United States?

The average cost to abort a child in the United States is around 468 dollars. The cost of abortions vary according to location, facility, and how far along the pregnancy is.

Is there a shot for dogs to stop pregnancy?

No, there is no shot you can give a dog to abort their pregnancy.

Is it possible to abort one month pregnant?

Yes, it is the safest to abort a pregnancy in the first three months.

How do you abort an unwanted pregnancy?

By asking your doctor

Is penorit medicine abort pregnancy?

No it's a hormone pill.

Is there any pill to abort 1 month pregnancy?

There are pills to abort pregnancy after you have missed the period for 2 to 3 weeks. Any way consult your Gaenacologist for expert advice.

Can you use trigestrel to abort your one month pregnancy?

No, it only works to prevent pregnancy.

Does drug and alcohol use affect a pregnancy?


What drug is best used to abort pregnancy?


How do you abort 1 month pregnancy naturally?

You have to ask a doctor for that. It's unsafe and illegal to abort without consulting a doctor.

Can trust pills abort 2 weeks pregnancy?

If by "trust pills" you mean birth control pills, no they will not make you abort.

Can taking turpentine abort pregnancy?

It will kill you so yes it will also end the pregnancy in the process.

What does weak positive pregnancy blood test mean?

weak pregnancy blood test mean the pregnancy is liable to abort

Can laxatives terminate 1 week pregnancy?

No, it can't. The morning after pill will not abort a pregnancy, it will have no effect once a pregnancy has occurred.

Can you abort 5 month pregnancy?

There are different laws in each state as far as late term abortions are concerned. You can call your local Planned Parenthood office and they can inform you.