How far is 20000 leagues?

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Length of a League A nautical league is three nautical miles, so 20,000 nautical leagues would be 60,000 nautical miles. The title of the book 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea refers to a journey around the world that was of a distance of 20,000 leagues, not a depth of 20,000 leagues.
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How far apart are Major League bases?

Major League bases are 90 feet apart from eachother, not diagonally, however. (90 ft. from 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd, 3rd to home, home to 1st)

Was the Nautilus in 20000 Leagues Under the Sea fictional?

i think that nautilus stuff was absolutely fictiona;l. i mean how at that time, such superior technology can come.even now at this age , we doesn't have such a powerful and also beautiful submarine like nautilus.. so i really hnk that is fictional .

How far is the home run in little league baseball?

The little league home run fence in non tourney play is 200 down the left and right field fence and 205 in center field. In tourney play it is 220 down the left and right field fence and 225 in center field.

What is 20000 Leagues Under the Sea about?

The most famous part of the novel, the battle against the school of giant squid, begins when a crewman opens the hatch of the boat and gets caught by one of the monsters. As he is being pulled away by the tentacle that has grabbed him, he yells "Help!" in French. At the beginning of the next chapter ( Full Answer )

What year was 20000 leagues under the sea made In the information it says 1996 but I highly doubt was just made so poorly then.?

The Disney (one of his few science fiction opuses) film was released in l955. this starred James Mason as the elusive sub commander, Nemo/ There were various TV remakes inlcuding one with Jose Ferrer who was in various times in his career a real naval officer, and at one time a Spanish-Language inst ( Full Answer )

How far is a little league 3 point line?

There is not a standard distance for the 3 point line because thecourt size is not mandated, Many times, they play on half of aregulation sized court, so in these cases, the 3 point line wouldbe approximately half the distance as in regulation basketball.

How is Captain Nemo's cruelty in 20000 Leagues Under The Sea a result of his desire for power?

Nemo is something of a vengeful ( Sailor of Fortune) ina sense a modern pirate. He somewhat salves his conscience by donating money to charity-but this does not make him a (Robin Hood) as always a character of mystery and curiously in both book and film versions -including Capt.Nemo and the Underwat ( Full Answer )

Is 20000 leagues deep possible?

Well you see, it's really a big math equation. A league is how far a roman army could travel in one day, about 50 miles. So now multiply 1 league/50 miles by 20,000. 50 times 20,000=1,000,000 So if you look it's impossible because you can't go 1,000,000 miles below the surface of the ocean. Most ( Full Answer )

How far is 2000 leagues under the sea?

A "league" is three nautical miles. In the Jules Verne story, the submarine Nautilus traveled "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea", a distance that is (very approximately) 1/4 the circumference of the Earth (circumference of the earth is 24,900 miles). So to answer your question in basic math... 1 ( Full Answer )

How many pages long is 20000 leagues under the sea?

Given that the an average page of paper is about 0.01 cm thick(depending on the ream), and one league = 555,600 cm, then 20,000league would be about 1,111,200,000,000 pages under the sea! Unlessyou're asking how many pages are in the book, which is about 352pages.

What did Captain Nemo do in 20000 leagues under the sea?

The book wasn't about what he did UNDER the sea at 20000 leagues because the Nautilus reaches about 10000 leagues under the sea and the pressure was too big that it decided to go back to the open sea. This book is about M.Aronnax's adventure around the sea, and he calculated that he traveled 20000 l ( Full Answer )

How far was the league f nations a complete failure?

There were both successes and failures of the league. The Corfuincident of 1923 was a huge failure and demonstrated the weaknessof the league. There was an incident at the Greek Albanian borderwhere an Italian General, Tellini and his team were ambushed andkilled. The league made a decision that com ( Full Answer )

How far is a home run in little league?

From Little League Baseball's Wikipedia page "Outfield fences must be at least 165 feet from home plate, but are usually 200 feet or more (the fields at the Williamsport complex have fences 225 feet away)."

Summary of 20000 leagues under the sea?

20000 leagues under the sea is a book written in 1954. Thecharacters in the book take a journey under the sea all around theworld on a submarine.

20000 leagues under the sea in integers?

20,000 leagues is equal to about 80,000 km. One league equals 3 statute miles so we could also say it is about 50,000 statute miles. Of course Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is a novel by Jules Verne.

How far are the bases in little league baseball?

newtest3 about 40 feet ---------- The above is incorrect. In Little League Baseball the bases are 60 feet apart until you get to the Junior Division (13 and 14-year-old).

How does someone hook up with someone out of their league as far as dating?

Well it's simple, just forget about the concept of leagues and go for it, be yourself, be a good listener and you'll do fine I'm sure! There's plenty of time for others to come along and plenty of time for you to make mistakes so just go ahead and make them so you can learn from them.

How many miles do 20000 leagues equal?

if a league is in fact 3.4 miles then 20,000 leagues would be 68,000 miles and it would be hard to be that deep in the ocean (at least on our planet which is only 8,000 miles in diameter). So where did the title of "20,000 leagues under the sea" come from?

Was the sinking of the ship Florida Sunderland in 20000 Leagues Under the Sea chap 18 a real event?

No, it wasn't. Interesting to note is the idea they had backthen that sunken vessels did not go all the way to the bottom; theythought they stayed in a waterlogged state, drifting underwater,until they rotted. . +++ . Jules Verne's novel is purely fiction, but I have encounteredanother version of ( Full Answer )

How many meters under the sea is 20000 leagues?

A league was about 3 miles in length As we talking about the sea, we'd better use the nautical mile (slightly longer than the statute (land) mile), meaning 1 league is 3 x 1852m ~= 5.6km, So 20,000 leagues would be 111,120,000m (111,120km). The diameter of the earth is approx 12,750km, so 2 ( Full Answer )

Is there a movie for 20000 leagues under the sea?

Yes, many films: 1905, 1907, 1916, 1954, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2004. . The most famous is "20000 Leagues Under the Sea" (1954). Stars Kirk Douglas, James Mason, Peter Lorre.

How far is a major league home run?

In baseball, if a ball is hit to the point that the batter can run around all bases and get back to home plate without being interfered with the other team it is considered a home run. A home run is typically hit over the outfield fence, and the fence should be at least 250 feet away from home base. ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in 20000 Leagues Under the Sea - 1954?

The cast of 20000 Leagues Under the Sea - 1954 includes: Chet Brandenburg as Sailor John Daheim as Nautilus Seaman Ted de Corsia as Capt. Farragut Kirk Douglas as Ned Land Jack Gargan as Reporter from The Post Harper Goff as Minister in San Francisco Steam Packet office Fred Graham as Casey Moore Pe ( Full Answer )

What are the release dates for 20000 Leagues Under the Sea - 1954?

20000 Leagues Under the Sea - 1954 was released on: USA: 23 December 1954 Brazil: 27 December 1954 Argentina: 6 January 1955 UK: April 1955 Ireland: 22 August 1955 Italy: 12 September 1955 Sweden: 16 September 1955 France: 23 September 1955 (Paris) Denmark: 1 October 1955 Portug ( Full Answer )

How far in nanometers is the wavelength of a 10000 Hz sine wave and how far for a 20000 Hz sine wave also?

Wavelength = (speed)/(frequency) For a 10,000 Hz wave: , Wavelength = (speed)/(10,000) meters That's (speed) x 100,000 nanometers., For a 20,000 Hz wave: , Having doubled the frequency, the wavelength has now been reducedby half. So wavelength is now (speed) x 50,000 nanometers., Note: It's oft ( Full Answer )