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Busch Gardens is in Tampa.

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It is 22.5 miles according to Google Maps.

Sea World Orlando is approximately 80 miles from Busch Gardens Tampa. As a side note, both parks are owned by the same company so there is a discount if you want to visit them both.

It is about a 45 minute drive from Busch Gardens to Tropicana, if you take the interstate.

It is just over an hour from Busch Gardens to Universal Studios via I4.

Busch Gardens is in Tampa, and Disneyland is in Anaheim California, not Orlando.Two-thousand-five-hundred miles separates the two theme parks. It would take over 35 hours driving time (non-stop) to get there.

not far about 5 to 10 minutes

Water Country USA is just a few miles down the road from Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

265 miles taking this route:Take I-75 NORTH (towards NAPLES), across ALLIGATOR ALLEY (toll road) thru the EVERGLADES, and then up from Naples to SR-582 FOWLER AVE - WEST to TEMPLE TERRACE (to UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA and BUSCH GARDENS) off EXIT 265, outside of Tampa.Take SR-582 FOWLER AVE - WESTBOUND across to McKINLEY DR; turn left onto McKinley Drive towards BUSCH GARDENS.Take McKinley Dr to Busch Gardens. Turn left into the parking lot.

0 miles Tampa is on the west coast of Florida

It is 35.3 miles according to Google Maps.

I'm assuming you meant Florida- 146.95 miles from Tampa Florida to Melbourne Florida.

On pochantas trail, not far from busch gardens

Which Disney World? There are like 30 in the world.

Detroit Michigan to Tampa Florida 1,179 Mi and about 18 Hours

It is 131.89 miles north of Tampa according to MapQuest.

There is a Seminole, Florida 25 miles southwest of Tampa and a second Seminole, Florida 423 miles northwest of Tampa near Panama City.

The distance from Tampa to Tallahassee is 214.8 Miles.

From Disney World = 87 miles. From Disneyland = 2,510 miles.

The driving distance from Tampa International Airport to Lehigh Acres, Florida is about 145 miles.

It is 96.68 miles according to MapQuest.

It is 96.68 miles according to MapQuest.

It is 60.28 miles according to MapQuest.