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The Los Feliz district is only about 8 miles from downtown Los Angeles.

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Q: How far is Los Feliz from Los Angeles?
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Where is the Los Feliz Branch in Los Angeles located?

The address of the Los Feliz Branch is: 1874 Hillhurst Ave., Los Angeles, 90027 4427

What is the phone number of the Los Feliz Branch in Los Angeles?

The phone number of the Los Feliz Branch is: 323-913-4710.

Where could one find budget accommodation in Los Feliz?

The Los Feliz Lodge and the Los Feliz Motel are both budget accommodations in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles. They are both well rated online and are reasonably priced.

Where does Ellen Pompeo live?

Ellen lives in Los Feliz, a part of Los Angeles.

What services are offered by Feliz?

Services offered by Los Feliz are limo services. They are a limo hire company that operates in the Los Angeles area. They also have an office at the LAX airport.

Where does Aimee Mann live?

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How much will a studio apartment run me in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, California?

To find out how much a studio apartment will cost you in the Los Feliz neighborhood, and to find out how many options you have, visit and

How far is Spain from Los Angeles?

Los Angeles/Madrid is 5815 miles

How far is Los Angeles Nevada to Los Angeles CA?

There doesn't appear to be any place named Los Angeles in Nevada.

How far is Nepal to Los Angeles?

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How far is Los Angeles from Punta Arenas?


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