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Roughly 124 miles - taking about two hours by car.

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About 3 hours by road.

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Q: How far is Newport wales from London heath row airport?
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How far is Cardiff airport from Newport wales?

about a 20 minute drive when the traffic is light

How many miles from London to Newport wales?

According to AA route planner the distance from Central London to Newport Wales is 138 miles. This assumes you take the most direct route via the M25 and M4.

Where is the Wester Drumlins house on Doctor Who?

In Doctor Who it is ment to be in London, but it is actually in Newport (south Wales)

Does the train travel from Cardiff Wales to Birmingham England?

There are several trains from London to Wales. Hourly trains from London to Wales leave from London's Paddington Station. These trains go through Newport, Cardiff and reach Swansea. Another train goes from London's Euston Station to Bangor.

How many square miles is Newport- Wales?

Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales, UK's area is 73.36 square miles.

What is the distance between London Heathrow airport and Bangor Wales in UK?

From London to Wales is 135.78 miles / 218.51 km. Could not find anything closer than that :-) From London to Wales is 135.78 miles / 218.51 km. Could not find anything closer than that :-)

What is the distance from Newport South Wales to New Inn South Wales?

The New Inn is in Newport in a village called Langstone.

How long does it take by train from east midlands airport to Tenby south wales?

About 6h55 (including the bus transfer from East Midlands Airport to Derby railway station) via Derby, Newport, Swansea.

Where is Tony Pullis from?

Newport, Wales

How many hours is the flight from London to Cardiff wales?

Flying time from London (City Airport) to Cardiff International is twenty minutes. This flight used to be operated by Air Wales, but is not there any more as the airline has closed down

Where in Europe is Newport located?

In south east Wales there is a city called Newport. With a population of 145,700 it is the third largest city in Wales. It is located on the River Usk.

Is Newport near to an airport?

Absolutely! The closest airport is Cardiff Airport (CWL) = 30 Minutes West. This is an excellent example of how important it is to be concise when asking questions, as how one person envisages something may be wholly different than how another person does. Yes, the closest airport to Newport is Sydney, (SYD), New South Wales, Australia. It's only 15 minutes North. Actually, the closest airport to Newport Georgia is Chattanooga, (CHA), and is 35 miles West. Enough joking around; The closest airport to Newport Tennessee is Atlanta, Georgia, (ATL), and is 49 miles South. Just in case you were referring to a place as obscure as Newport Rhode Island, it would be appropriate to add that the closest airport is Providence, Rhode Island, (PVD), which is 22 miles South. Or were you referring to Quebec?