How far is Sichuan to Beijing?

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Beijing is about 1500 km away from Sichuan.

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Q: How far is Sichuan to Beijing?
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What is the most popular place in China?

The most popular places in China are: Beijing, Sichuan & Tibet

Where should you start if you want to travel China?

Beijing or Shenzhen will be a good place to start. Follow Beijing to Tianjin Sichuan Hubei HUnan Guangxi Guangdong HOngkong down, or from Shenzhen Fujian Jiangsu shanghai HUbei Henan sichuan Beijing up. Both are not bad option and which provinces you want to see depending on what type of China are you most interested. Guangdong shanghai Beijing is more modern life of China and Guangxi sichuan Yunan is more of natural.

What are the 4 largest cities in china?

The four largest cities in china are, 1.Shanghai,Shanghai 2.Zhumadian,Henan 3.Beijing,Beijing 4.Nanchong,Sichuan :)

What provinces are in Beijing?

There are no Provinces in Beijing. Beijing is a city in China. The interesting part is Beijing isn't in a Province as it is a federally operated city. Another example is Chongqing, which use to be part of Sichuan province until it was put under federal control. --------------------- Mike - Beijing User-Generator City Guide

Is there an desert near Beijing?

The Gobi Desert is not far from Beijing.

Is Beijing in the Middle East?

Beijing is in China considered to be the far east.

How far Beijing from equator?


How far from Edinburgh to Beijing?


How far is Wuhan from Beijing?

Wuhan to Beijing is 654 miles or 1053 km.

How far is it from Beijing and ningxia?

1400 kilometers

How far ahead in hours from London is Beijing?

Beijing is 8 hours ahead of England

How did the Sichuan earthquake in China occur?

how did china cope after the sichuan

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