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It is 228.13 miles according to MapQuest.

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Which bay has more fun things to do on the water Boca Ciega Bay or Tampa Bay?

"Tampa Bay" has more fun things to do "on the water", than Boca Ciega Bay has.

Is Tampa Bay a region of Florida?

Tampa Bay is a region of Florida .

What is Tampa Florida home to?

Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, & Tampa Bay Rays.Tampa Bay Lightning - hockeyTampa Bay Buccaneers - NFL TeamTampa Bay Rays - MLB Team

What state do Tampa Bay Buccaneers play for?

Tampa Bay is in central Florida

Does Tampa Bay Florida have an airport?

Yes, Tampa Intrenational is in downtown Tampa.

What is the state capitol for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

The state capitol of Florida is Tallahasee. Tampa Bay is located in Florida as are the Dolphins and the Jaguars.

What is the sports team name of Florida?

Specify please. These are all the teams in FloridaCollegeCentral Florida Knights - OrlandoFlorida Atlantic Owls - Boca RatonFlorida Gators - GainesvilleFlorida International Golden Panthers - MiamiFlorida Southern Moccasins - LakelandFlorida State Seminoles - TallahasseeJacksonville Dolphins - JacksonvilleMiami Hurricane - MiamiNorth Florida Ospreys- JacksonvilleSouth Florida Bulls - TampaWest Florida Argonauts - PensacolaLeagueBrevard County Manatees (A) - MelbourneCharlotte Rangers (A) - CharlotteClearwater Phillies (A) - ClearwaterDunedin Blue Jays (A) - DunedinFlorida Everblades (ECHL) - EsteroFort Myers Miracle (A) - Fort MyersJacksonville Lizard Kings (ECHL) - JacksonvilleJacksonville Suns (AA) - JacksonvilleLakeland Tigers (A) - LakelandPensacola Ice Pilots (ECHL) - PensacolaSarasota Red Sox (A) - SarasotaSt Petersburg Devil Rays (A) - St PetersburgVero Beach Dodgers (A)- Vero BeachProfessionalFlorida Bobcats (AFL)- PlantationFlorida Marlins (MLB)- MiamiFlorida Panthers (NHL)- MiamiJacksonville Jaguars (NFL) - JacksonvilleMiami Dolphins (NFL) - MiamiMiami Fusion (MLS) - MiamiMiami Heat (NBA) - MiamiMiami Sol (WNBA) - MiamiOrlando Magic (NBA) - OrlandoOrlando Miracle (WNBA) - OrlandoOrlando Predators (AFL) - OrlandoTampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL) - Tampa BayTampa Bay Devil Rays (MLB) - Tampa BayTampa Bay Lightning (NHL) - Tampa BayTampa Bay Mutiny (MLS) - Tampa BayTampa Bay Storm (AFL)- Tampa Bay

What is the the capital of Tampa Bay?

Tampa does not have a capital, as it is a city. It is based in Florida. Tallahassee is the capital of Florida.

What state are the Tampa Bay rays from?

Florida. Tampa is a city in Florida, on the west coast of the state.

How did Boca Raton get its name?

It was errantly moved on maps in the early nineteenth century from the area of Biscayne Bay, which actually is an inlet. The Spanish sailor slang term for an inlet is/was boca raton, which literally means mouth of the mouse.Check out the related link listed below:

Where is Tampa is locate in Florida?

Tampa is in Central Florida, on the west coast. It is situated on the Tampa Bay, which is connected to the Gulf of Mexico.

What are the sports teams in Florida?

Baseball: Tampa Bay Rays, Florida Marlins Basketball: Miami Heat, Orlando Magic Football: Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Bucaneers Hockey: Tampa Bay Lightning

What is the driving distance between Tampa Bay and the Florida Keys?

It is 425 miles from Tampa to the Florida Keys.

How far is Tampa Bay Florida from Gainseville Florida?

It is 131.89 miles north of Tampa according to MapQuest.

Where is the Thunderbolts Of Tampa Bay in Tampa Florida located?

The address of the Thunderbolts Of Tampa Bay is: 5423 16Th Avenue So, Tampa, FL 33619-5319

Where can I buy a salt and pepper grinder in Tampa Bay, Florida?

You can find salt and pepper grinder at Pier 1 Imports in Tampa Bay, Florida. It can be found at 128 S. West Shore Blvd., Tampa, Florida.

Why does Bay appear in the franchise name Tampa Bay Buccaneers when the city is Tampa Florida?

Tampa Bay comes from where Tampa is. They call it the Tampa Bay area because it is right near the bay of the Gulf of Mexico. I know this because I live in Pinellas County which is right below Tampa

What is the web address of the Tampa Bay Aquarium Society in Tampa Florida?

The web address of the Tampa Bay Aquarium Society is: TBAS1.com

How many miles from sudbury Canada to Tampa Bay Florida?

Sudbury is about 1,551 miles away from Tampa Bay

Gas prices in Tampa Florida?

Ask someone that lives in Tampa Bay

What is the nickname of the Florida NHL team?

The team that plays in Miami is called the Florida Panthers and the team that plays in Tampa Bay is called the Tampa Bay Lightning.

What were some sports teams of Florida?

Florida gators Tampa bay Bucs Orlando magic and Tampa rays

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