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Q: How far is Zimbabwe from walvis bay?
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What is the population of Walvis Bay?

Walvis Bay's population is 85,000.

When was Walvis Bay created?

Walvis Bay was created in 1840.

What is Walvis Bay's motto?

Walvis Bay's motto is 'In utrumque paratus'.

What is the area of Walvis Bay?

The area of Walvis Bay is 1,124 square kilometers.

What is the airport code for Walvis Bay Airport?

The airport code for Walvis Bay Airport is WVB.

What language do people in walvis bay speak?

People in Walvis Bay speak English, German, Afrikaans, or Oshiwambo.

In which country is Walvis bay?

Walvis Bay is the harbour city in central coastline of Namibia, located in south west africa.

What is Namibia's biggest harbor?

Walvis Bay

What year and date was Percy Montgomery born?

Monty was born on March 15, 1974 in Walvis Bay, South Africa, now Walvis Bay, Namibia.

When was the inauguration of walvis bay of Namibia?

1March, 1994

Who operates the container terminal in walvis bay?


Who is the richest people walvis Bay?

Knowledge Katti