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How far is a kilometre?

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1000 meters

or 0.62 mile

or 3280.83 feet

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How far is 1 km?

I kilometre = 1,000 metres. i kilometre = 0.62 miles 1 kilometre = 3,280.8 feet

Population per square kilometre in Australia?

2.6 Km2 so far

If you were 1 degree off target how far off would you be 1 kilometre away?

17.455 meters

How far can owls hear?

they can hear for more than a kilometrethey can hear for more than 400 meters

What is far in distance miles or kilometer?

A mile is longer than a kilometre. Approx. 5 miles is 8km

How far is 40 lengths in a 25 meter pool?

40*25 = 1000 metres or 1 kilometre.

How far can bees fly?

Bees normally forage within about a three mile (five kilometre) radius from the hive.

What is the abbreviation for kilometre?

The abbreviation for a kilometre is km.

Is kilometre longer or yard?

Kilometer/kilometre is longer. One kilometer, or kilometre, is about 1000 yards.

How many m is in a kilometer?

There are 1000 m in a kilometre.100000 cm in a kilometre and 1000000 mm in a kilometre

How many decimetres are in a kilometre?

There is 10,000 decimetres in a kilometre

How many cm in a kilometre?

There are 100,000cm per kilometre.

How is kilometre abbreviated?

'km'. Kilometre is abbreviated km

What is the Australian spelling of kilometer?

From wikipedia : kilometre

1 kilometer is equal to what?

1 kilometre = 1,000 metres 1 kilometre = 0.62137119 miles 1 kilometre = 1,093.6133 yards 1 kilometre = 3,280.8399 feet

How do you convert meter in kilometer?

1 metre is 1 thousand of a kilometre. 1000metres = kilometre 500metres = 1/2 kilometre 250metres = 1/4 kilometre Easy :)

How far is a klick in military terms?

A klick is a slang term for kilometre, so 10 klicks is equal to 10 kilometres.

Which is larger a kilometer or a meter?

A kilometre - there are 1,000 metres in a kilometre !

How many centimeters for a Kilometre?

One kilometre is 100,000 centimetres

How much is a kilometre?

1 kilometre = 1000 metres.

Why is a kilometre a kilometre?

Because it is 1000 metres. the prefix kilo- means 1000. thus, kilometre means 1000 metres.

How many meters are there in half of kilometre?

There are 1000 metres in one kilometre so there must be 500 metres in half a kilometre.

How many feet are in a kilometre?

One kilometre equals 3280.83989501 feet.

What fraction of a kilometre is 150cm?

150 cm is 3/2000 of a kilometre.

How many metres go in a kilometre?

There are 1000 metres in 1 kilometre