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Planet X does not exist.

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Pluto is far from the sun. but Mercury is the closest.

how far each planet is from the sun

No planet so far observed or detected is that far from the Sun. The furthest planet so far observed is Neptune at about 30 AU.

Venus is 0.723332 AU (semi-major axis) from the Sun.

How far is the planet Earth from the sun? Well the answer is 93 million miles or 150 million kilometers!

Neptune is the planet which is far away from Sun. It is around 4,498,252,900 km or 30.06896348 AU.

yes because it depends on how far away it is from the sun and how far the planet i from the sun

no their is no planet which is very far away from the sun but in the past pluto was very far and small thats why it had not been counted as a planet

The sun is 93,000,000 miles from earth.

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun, and also the largest planet in our solar system.

A planet's distance from the sun is how far a planet is from the sun.

There is no planet known as Gaspar. The planet Jupiter is a name of a planet. It is nearly 400 million miles from the Sun. That is over 5 times as far as the Earth.

Planet X does not exist. It was only a theory.

because it is the far from the sun. and its not a planet anymore.

though it is not a planet anymore no planet X is.

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun

it is 460 million miles from the sun

no its the 2nd planet closest to the sun

As far as I know, th sun warms the earth, although the sun is a star, not a planet.

No planet in the solar system is that far from the sun. However, Uranus is 2.7 LIGHT HOURS from the sun.

The sun is not a planet, it is a star. As far as stars go our sun is larger than averages, but nothing extraordinary.

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