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How far is the pitching mound from home plate in womens college softball?


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2010-04-23 19:45:13
2010-04-23 19:45:13

10u=35 ft.

12u=40 ft

High School=43 ft

College=43 ft.


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There is no pitcher's mound in softball, just a flat plate. In fast pitch softball, a circle with an 8 foot radius is drawn around the plate. Also see the related question.

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While there are no hard and fast rules for pitching mound height, there are some generally accepted guidelines for the height of a softball pitching mound. * Professional - 10" * College - 10" * High School - 10" * Little League - 6" * Pinto - 4"

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40 feet for 16U 35 for 10U and moves to 43 feet in college

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