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Q: How far should the exhaust extend past the house on a direct vent furnace?
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Why is condensation freezing in intake and output pipes of energy efficient furnace?

if you put screens to keep birds out of the pipes the moisture from the exhaust will freeze, and the exhaust motor will not be able to vent there by tripping the furnace on a pressure switch fault. the pipes ie intake and exhaust should have a minimum distance of 15 inches apart, and the same above the ground to prevent snow drifts blocking them.

Why does Furnace shut off when very cold outside?

A heat pump will do this, a furnace should not. Are you sure you have a furnace?

How do you get out of the furnace on Minecraft?

Press E. It should leave the furnace GUI.

How often should a furnace cycle on and off?

A furnace should cycle on and off after every 4 hours.

How do you run gas from the furnace to appliances?

You should not run gas from the furnace to any appliances.

How can you test thermostat in your furnace?

Set thermostat to desired temperature; lets say, 70 degrees Fahrenheit, a few seconds will go by then the furnace should activate. Once the furnace heats the room to the set temperature the furnace should shut off.

How often should you change a spun glass furnace filter?

You should change a furnace filter every 2-4 months.

Which way should the arrow point when changing a furnace filter?

Toward the direction of the air flow. In other words the air is being drawn into the furnace so the arrow should point at the furnace.

How important is it to have a furnace filter?

A furnace filter should be used and should be changed about every three months. It is important to have one because they filter out dirt and dust which otherwise clog up the furnace and stop it working as well as it should.

Will a furnace leak gas if a basement floods?

Probably not, but if the furnace or a part of it was submerged you should have it checked out.

Should furnace closet be insulated with drywall?

Yes, it should

How often should the furnace turn cycle on and off?

The furnace that is working properly should cycle on and off after every 3 - 4 hours.